adventure ideas in winter

Adventure Ideas in winter

22 adventure ideas in winter is all you need to make your winter vacations extraordinary. Adventure ideas in winter spice up your winter season. But we should be careful and follow winter precautions before doing any adventure.

Winter season sounds like excitement, entertainment and lots of fun. it doesn’t have to be spent indoors. Winter is supposed to be the holiday season but staying indoors is something we all get sick of. Think out of the box and try something new that you haven’t done before.

Enjoy a winter bonfire

Having a bonfire and enjoy it with your favorite food is one of the most amazing thing in winters. It becomes even more special when you do it with your friends and family. So if you didn’t enjoyed bonfire yet you still have a time.

Experience the live snow fall

It is one of the lovely experiences to feel the beauty of live snowfall. Everyone must go to the northern areas to enjoy live snow fall in winters.

Catch Snowflakes with your Tongue

Another adventure idea in winter is to catch snowflakes on your tongue with your friends and family members. It will add a golden memory in your life.

Go on a winter hike

Hiking in winters is an exciting experience. Inhaling the cold breeze gives you instant refreshment but too much of it makes you ill. The best thing about winter hiking is that you don’t feel too much thirst during hike. So get your boots on and get your ass out there.

Go to a winter festival

Some of the best festivals take place in winter. There are all kinds of festivals for all kinds of entertainment, so pick and choose your next winter celebration. Like skiing festival, ice skating festival, cultural festival in winters.


Sledding is one of the best winter activities that is fun for the whole family. take a fun ride down and take a dog sledding tour through the snowy wilderness. There are sledding opportunities all over the world. Spend some time in searching best place for sledding and have funful winter.

ice fishing

This is not for everyone because ice fishing is a risky and adventurous activity at same time. You have to go to the northern areas where you find frozen lakes for fishing. Ice fishing takes some time to get what you want but its best adventure which also provides you food.

ice skate

You have to learn ice skate properly before doing it. Note down the safety measures once you learn it properly it will be most adventurous thing you have done before.

Go snowshoeing

Walking on the top of the snow without sinking into the fresh snow is called snowshoeing. The shoes are wide and circular and keep you from sinking into the snow, it’s a fun way to spend a day in the Winter. Being in nature with snow covered trees and frozen rivers are breathtaking. when you do snowshoeing the beauty of nature increases as you observe nature more closely.

Enjoy tubing

Sitting on tub and sliding on ice is awesome activity in winter. Most mountains have a tubing section and if you’re really adventuress you can find a spot to climb up and slide down that way. Hike to the top of mountain then come down with tubing is so fun full adventure.

Enjoy Snowball fight

Everyone would be aware of this coolest activity. Snowball fight with your friends or family members is so lovely thing in winters. The beauty of Snowball fight is it doesn’t hurt when somebody throw snowball on you. it brings smile on all the members playing snowball fight. So plan your trip and enjoy this cute fight.

Build an igloo

This kind of adventure is for those who has artistic mind. Because building an igloo needs some architectural skills with artistic passion.

it’s not that easy and you need the right kind of snow. Building an igloo is like building a small room of snow. You can do some research on how to build an igloo. You just need some patience because building an igloo takes so much time and hardworking. But once it gets completed, all your tiredness converts into refreshment. Its best for staying if don’t have room or camp.

Build a snowman

This is artistic kind of adventure. It also takes so much time an efforts to build snowman. You can take pictures with snowman. It looks amazing with different dressings.

Build a snow fort

Another adventure idea in winter is to build snow fort with ice. People of Artistic nature would love to do this. It’s very funful and entertaining thing to build snow fort you must try that.

Winter camping

Camping in winter is more like a precious adventure. The feeling of sunrise in mornings is amazing moment. Winter camping with born fire adds so much fun in your winter vacations. This is the time to spend the cozy night with your friends so pack your winter gear and move ahead towards winter wonderland.

Go to a sporting event

You can go to sporting event as a participant if you have some expertise in some sports. Otherwise you can join as viewers and witness the sporting event. Get yourself ready and go see your favorite team play.

So bundled up and go outside in winters to watch your favorite team performance. and If it’s snowing, then it makes the experience even better. For example sports like Ice hocky, ice skating, football on ice. Jeep racing, bike racing on ice.

Arrange an outdoor hot tub

Hot tub in winters isn’t it sounds amazing? I know your answer would be yes. Well!  A nice steamy hot tub with you and your favorite person brings joy on your face with a little steam, and a lot of love. Otherwise take your friends to hot tub and have this charming fun together in winters.

Learn to Snowboard

Whether if it’s hot outside or winter season. Snowboarding is been one of the adventurous activity. First learn then try your hand at snowboarding. It would be great fun.

Go for skiing

Skiing is one of the famous adventure activity from 22 adventure ideas in winter. If you don’t know about it and thinks it is difficult activity you can try learning skiing. Skiing includes two boards on both feet with two supporting sticks for better balancing. It would increase your self confidence as well as your focus on learning new things.

Chair lift and Cable Car

Out of 22 adventure ideas in winter this is one of the easiest as well as adventurous activity is to sit in the chairlift and cable car. You can do this type of adventure in every season but in winters you can see snow beauty and other winter sports from the sky side.

Go for stargazing

One of the refreshing activities is stargazing. You can do stargazing with the help of telescope as well as without it. You will not need telescope for stargazing in northern areas when clouds are clear. Most of the time during camping you can see the stars clearly at night.

Experience a polar bear plunge

It’s so risky and burning adventurous activity because the sudden drop in temperature can be dangerous for people with underlying health issues. Jumping into ice cold water in large groups during the winter is known as bear plunge. It is mostly done in north side of the world. Despite this adventure has lots of risk and thrills. Polar bear plunges are one of those things that everyone should experience at least once in their life.