23 adventures you must try before summer ends

These 23 adventures you must try before summer ends. Because summer vacation is supposed to be enjoyed by moving out from hot areas to cool areas or doing some cool exciting activities. Long days of summer allow us the golden chance to have more fun. To beat the heat of hot weather the best way is to do some cool and adventurous activities. The best activities are those which is interested for your friends and family. Besides so many other activities in summer, water activities are always the best one which everyone loves to do. Some activities are outdoor and sosme are indoor you can do whichever is suitable for you.

You can check the list of best summer activities below:

1. Take a road trip:

Road trip is always so amazing but in summer days are longer than other season so summer is the perfect season to hit the road and explore new places. You just need to follow precautions for summer heat. All you need to do is to pick a place on the map try to choose place having water flow and trees because it helps yourself to be cool.


2. Stand Under a Waterfall:

Everyone loves waterfalls especially when the summer heat is on its peak. Killing summer heat by taking bath or spending time in swimming pool is not a bad idea but trekking towards waterfall make your summer time full of fun. If you have not experience.

Summer heat can be decrease with water besides taking bath or swimming what about trekking towards a waterfall and stand under waterfall. It not only entertains you but it also makes you forget about the summer heat for the long time.


3. Go to water amusement park:

It is one of the best options to decrease the summer heat with water amusement park. There are multiple adventure activities in water amusement park to cool down your summer heat.  You can enjoy water sliding, swimming and many other activities to beat the heat.


4. Make your own Swimming Pool:

Don’t have pool but still want to have fun by taking bath in your own pool here is a solution. It is one of the best indoor summer activities you can do at home. Buy an alternative inflatable air tub which can be converted into pool. Just add some air via pump then some water into it and place it anywhere in your house. you are all set to have fun with that.


5. Water gun fight:

Another indoor summer activity which you will love is water gun fight. You can do it in your house garden or in the backyard or at roof whichever is available. Fill up your water gun with water and start shooting with it. If you don’t have water guns don’t worry just get some spare bottles fill it up with water and squeeze it towards your opponent its worth having fun in summer.


6. Have a Water Balloon Fight:

Want to have next level fun with indoor summer activity. Just have some balloons from the market fill them with water and throw on your opponent this one is big thrill than water gun fight.


7. Wake boarding:

It‘s an outdoor activity which is done on the surface of water. You can do wake boarding at any lake or some portion of river/sea. Like skate boarding in wake boarding you have to keep yourself balance. The only difference is you don’t need to pull yourself forward with your feet because in wake boarding you have to grip on a rope which is connected between you and with power boat which drag you forward.


8. Kite-boarding:

In kite boarding you have to fix in the board via both foot grip then hold a rope which is connected with the kite. Kite flows where the air flows and take you to that direction. The speed of the kite depends on the air flow. It drags you with airflow you just have to keep balance. It is also very adventurous activity in summer.


9. Stand Up Paddle Board:

As its mention by its name, in stand up paddle board you have to stand up on the board and move the paddle towards the direction where you want to move. It is very adventurous and easy summer activity. You can spend a good time through this adventure.


10. Go Foiling:

Foil boarding is another water adventure activity. Foil board is a surfboard with a hydrofoil (which also has fins) that extends below the board into the water. You have to keep balance and pulling the board down which comes up and the fins move which takes you forward. This adventure activity is very energy consuming you can burn lots of calories in just few minutes. There is also an electric foil board which surf on auto mood so if you don’t want to consumer your energy you can drive electric foil board.


11. Jet ski:

You can say it a bike with boat. Driving Jetski is very funful outdoor activity in summer. You have to control it by yourself but if you don’t know how to drive it. Then you can take help of your companion you are sitting with. Many people use to do racing in groups to bring the fun even in hot summer.

12.Cliff jumping:

Cliff jumping is not for those who have height phobia. Beside this fact it’s one of the best outdoor summer activities. In cliff jumping you have to jump from the specific height into the water. Get some ideas or tricks on how to do cliff jumping safely. Believe me after cliff jumping you will experience a big change in yourself. You’ll become more confidence and fearless. You must try this adventure activity in summer.


13. Parasailing:

In parasailing you wear parachute which is attached with a boat which take you forward. Parasailing allow you to fly in the air just few feet above the water surface so when you stop you fell into the water which make you feel cool and funful.


14. Paragliding:

It is exciting and risky adventurous activity. You have to take training before doing paragliding alone. It involves some basic trick to control the parachute. If you are untrained you can take help and paraglide with expert person. In paragliding you have to wear parachute then run and jump from height then control the wings of parachute with right and left hand balance. It’s very adventurous activity of all season but its best in summer.


15. Surfing:

Surfing is mostly done in sea water. Where big wave comes and become the reason for surfing. In Surfing you learn how to catch big waves. Surfer ride surfing board in the mighty waves of sea and move according to the waves moves. The view of waves during surfing is unbeatable with other boarding adventures. This activity also requires lots of practice and training otherwise it’s a big risk to fight with mighty waves of sea.


16. Scuba diving:

This is very interesting adventurous activity although it also needs some training because you have to dive towards the depth of sea to explore the sea creatures. Just imagine you are in the middle of the sea and watching multiple kind of fishes, sea plants etc. it will be worthy experience.



In canoe single bladed paddle is used by two people one from right side and another from left side to move it.

It is one of the best summer activities to enjoy your summer vacations. As  it is mention above that canoeing consist of two people so it’s easier than kayaking because two people uses their force to move the canoe. They can help each other in difficult time during canoe ride.



In kayaking only person sit and use double bladed paddle for alternative strokes to move it towards the desired direction. Kayak has closed deck which make the person to be fixed in it tightly.

You can do kayaking in a mighty waves of sea, whirling water of river  or chill out in a kayak on your favorite lake. It is very exciting activity but you have to be brave and expert swimmer or should kayak under expert supervision if you are newbie.


19. Rafting:

Rafting is the adventure activity in which group of 6 or 8 people sit on inflatable raft on river track where water flows very fast.

It is more safe than kayaking and canoeing because in rafting there are 6 to 8 people which work like team.

This is so adventurous to take thrilling ride with the fast flowing water of river in an inflatable raft. The whole team try to keep the balance maintain to float properly.

20. Fly boarding:

In fly boarding you fit your both feet on board then board lift you up from the water surface you just keep to balance yourself. Fly boarding is type of water sport which is done in the water usually at seaside, at lakes or at river.

Different company provides its different sessions from 20 minutes to 40 minutes and this is a huge thrilling experience. If you have never tried it you must experience this adventure.


21. Experience the calmness of Hammock:

If you want to calm down and want to do some adventure at the same time then hammock is a good option. Go to any of your favorite area and set a hammock with the trees. Now you are all set to enjoy the amazing experience. The shade of trees will save you from the burning sunrays in hot weather and the atmosphere will make you feel calm and relax.


Water tubing is less expensive and easy summer adventure to do to beat the summer heat. You just need to buy or get the tub on rent to do this adventure. With water tub you have to float down to any water area. But the best place for water tubing is where you can enjoy surrounding scenes while tubing. You can make your tubing experience a big thrill if you attach your tub with speed boat/ power boat and hold on tight.


23. Take a Boat Ride:

Boat riding is one of the famous and most doing activity in the world because different group of friends and family sit in the boat to take a round of their favorite lake, river or sea depending upon the availability. Boating facility is available almost everywhere where water is available in form of lakes river sea etc. but you must choose that area which makes your boat ride memorable. Like boating in the middle of mountains, boating in forest and boating around the green meadows.


Note: In hot weather like summer you have to follow precautions to save yourself from heat related illness and whatever water adventure activity you are doing please do wear a life saving jacket because it keep you safe from drowning.