5 easy ways to stay fit and healthy are following.

Maintaining fitness and health does not happens by miracles. We have to put some efforts in order to be healthy. Fitness and Health is booming now a days. Everyone wants to be physically/mentally perfect. Before talking about health and fitness further. Let’s have a look on what is the connection between fitness and health. Health is defined as if a person has no disease, injury or any other physical or mental issues that person is known to be healthy person. A healthy person have healthy body organs with clear blood vessels to supply the blood and oxygen to the body. and A Physically active person who perform any activity (lifting weight, climbing, jumping, hiking etc) without any problem that is called fit person. A fit person must have muscular fitness, endurance, perfect body composition and perfect flexibility. Fitness improves health which controls your body to be taken by any disease.

Perfect body is not a big deal. it just takes some passion, motivation, devotion and emotion to be stick with your aim of being physically, mentally fit and healthy. it doesn’t even takes so much time to be fit and fine. if you can not give time to gym no problem. you can do workout wherever you got free space and time.

Ask yourself these questions What you want to be? What it takes to make it happen? and How you’re going to do this? for this you have to do planning.


The most important part of planning is goal setting. Don’t follow other people goals your goals must be clear and according to your suitability in order to achieve them successfully. Schedule your goals by converting them into small targets and monitor its progress on daily basis. The best way to achieve any kind of goal is to follow SMART.


which means your goal must be specific measurable,attainable,relevant and time bound. Your workout goals must be clearly defined whether you want to gain weight, gain muscles or loose weight. It must be measurable how much workout or diet you need. Always make your workout and diet plan which is attainable because too much of it can harm your body. You must follow relevant workout and diet plan which suits your body. Finally your goal must be time bound which means how much time it takes to complete your goal.



its a matter of priority and up to you that if you want to workout in the gym or at some other place. where-ever you workout you must know about basics of workout.

Before workout you must have knowledge about your body type and the excersizes which is perfect for your body. you should also know your goals of fitness. do you want to gain weight or you want to loose weight?

and to make this possible you have to make proper mindset that you will never leave it until you achieve your goals. although you can hire some instructor for excersize. otherwise you can take help from online videos which are free of cost available on the internet. Workout requires time you have to be regular to bring some improvements in your body.

Taking out special time for your workout makes big difference towards the improvement of your body. For this purpose it is very necessary to schedule your time for workout. There are many excersizes you can do in your free time without going to gym (indoor/outdoor). so don’t think about workout takes too much time. Depending upon the place you have for excersize. These excersizes includes running, swimming, cycling, jumping, push-ups, planks, sit ups, squats, chin ups, lunges, Russian twists etc. These can be done without gym.

Diet chart:

Diet plays very essential role in fitness and health. What if you give time to excersize but don’t give preference to your diet. it ends up with nothing and all your efforts would be wasted.

Muscle requires the right amount nutrients to grow. if you don’t enough nutrients which your body requires your body cannot use calories for repair and growth.

Consult with experts/dietitians/nutritionists to prepare diet chart for you and follow it strictly. Consulting with experts always works better because they suggests whats best for you. they know how much proteins, carbs, vitamins, calcium, are enough for you. and what things will take you to the next level.

When we discuss about fitness and health we often listen about variety of foods and diets. We must be aware of the diet which is suitable according to our body type and body need. as discussed earlier your motive of fitness has strong connection with diet.as either you want to bulk up your body or you want lean muscles on your body. whatever you choose note that you must not add too much junk food even in your cheat days. because it can spoil your whole journey of fitness.



Besides workout and healthy diet everyone needs proper rest. what if we workout and eat perfect diet but does not take proper rest then it will defect our body muscles. Because

when we excersize many of our muscles break down and It is rest that allows muscles to be healed and recovered. During workout it is necessary to take 1-2 minutes rest in each set.

But if we discuss about the whole week workout plan our body needs whole days rest to bring some improvement.

It is consider the main part of rest when we sleep we allow our entire body to relax which give rise to body function growth and mental refreshment.      Sleeping 8 hours a day helps in synthesis of protein and growth hormones releases when we sleep.

So it is important to give some rest to your body at least once in a week. and if you are doing strength training then you can take rest twice in a week.




Majority of the people find it difficult to keep connected with their workout and diet plans because of their little ignorance. which results in wasting their efforts of months.

Evaluation is very essential in life. Suppose you workout,having healthy diet but don’t evaluate the results whether you achieve what you dream for or not. that is why it is necessary to keep evaluating your activities related with your goals.

Set a special time weekly or monthly to evaluate your progress about how well your plan is going.                                                                                                                                                            After evaluating if you feel that your plan needs some changes then you must change it accordingly. But you must not give up on it.

The best way to keep yourself motivating is to celebrate your success. Keep patience and don’t worry about fast results because best results takes time.