7 Easy ways for travelling and hiking in summer

7 Easy ways for travelling and hiking in summer article is so important because right now all the travelers are facing two big problems. one is lockdown due to pandemic virus, the other one is hot weather both are dangerous and we must follow precautions to protect ourselves.

This covid 19 virus locked everyone at home and impose restriction to travel in different places of the world which is somehow good for everyone’s safety but on the other hand this also give rise to depression, anxiety and bad mood. The main reason of such mood swings are because people are unable to do activities they love to and which is compulsory for their refreshment such as travelling wonderful places and exploring nature.

Here comes the good news, many countries are gradually lifting up the restrictions of lockdown and allowing traveling to different places by following all the protection policies.

Pros & cons of travelling in summer:

Everyone loves travelling. When it comes to travelling in summer it mostly ends up in cancelling the tour due to health and safety risks but not for passionate travelers. If you really want to travel in hot summer don’t worries you can follow tips mention below. These tips will protect you from the hot weather.

Hot weather is not dangerous until you are well prepared for it and you can have funful traveling and hiking experience even in hot weather.

I also want to share some points regarding covid 19 protection as well. So before travelling first of all you have to wear facemask keep using hand sanitizer and hand gloves and avoid people gathering. After this try to travel to that involves water like streams, waterfalls, lakes, river or seaside. If your plan is for hiking you should go to higher places towards north side because research shows every 1000 feet above the sea level the temperature drops by 3.5 degree. And if such places have streams and waterfalls etc then it would be the best option to travel.


Hiking Tricks in Hot weather:

Always start traveling especially hiking early in the morning in hot weather with light meal and carry light weight things. Choose the track where there are trees or shades where you can take break or rest for some time and the area with natural water availability as mention above.

Travelling and hiking in summer require serious attention on account of hidden dangers of hot weather. Be careful and be fit to avoid Heat exhaustion and heat stroke. these two are heat related illness which may lead to death. So walk under hot weather with precautions so you can enjoy more without suffering any heat related problem.

Before going on a hike especially in summer, you must choose small areas for hiking to make your body use to of bearing hot temperature. Maintain your fitness, do workout weekly so that you don’t have any problem during hiking.

After that you can go to the larger areas for hiking. The big reason of doing this practice is to make your body compatible for the hot weather and to deal with the changed temperature. This is very important to make yourself comfortable in such condition of hot weather.

Symptoms and Measures of heat related illness:

Like i explain in my previous article about heat related illness. it is very important to know about it to make yourself comfortable during travelling in hot weather as well. Because hot weather may lead to heat exhaustion or heat stroke, You really need to take action to deal with it. Otherwise it may end up effecting your health in bad way.

Now understand that there are two types of heat related illness heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Heat exhaustion:

If you are feeling heavy sweating, weakness, pale skin, upset stomach, fainting, dizziness, headache and muscle cramps then its heat exhaustion.


When you get heat exhausted then you should get medical attention if condition is swear otherwise go to a cooler place, lie down and relax, change cloths if its heavy or not cool, take a cool shower or throw water on your body, drink cool water.

Heat stroke:

If your skin is red, dry and hot without sweating, headache, body temperature is more than 100°F and upset stomach then it’s called heat stroke.


Move the person to cooler area away from sunlight, under some shade or tree and take that person to indoor place where temperature is cold. Don’t give any fluid without doctor opinion. If you are in Pakistan Call an emergency service like 1122 or the nearby doctor if the situation gets out of control.


Here are some easy ways for travelling and hiking in summer:

Based on my previous experience i’m sharing some of the best tips

Summer Clothes:

You must wear light stuff with light color and avoid wearing heavy stuff. Buy clothes with (UPF) ultraviolet protection factor quality it will protect you from the hot sun rays and UV rays in hot weather. In this way your body feels cool even in hot weather.

You can choose to wear short sleeve shirts and shorts or light trousers as well whichever you are comfortable in you can wear.

Caps, Hats or Umbrella:

It’s very necessary to cover your head because the whole body is controlled through your head and heat start affecting your body by attacking on your head. So don’t forget to wear cap or hat. You can also carry umbrella but if you are hiking then umbrella is not a good option.

Scarf or Bandanas:

In hot weather scarf’s or bandanas helps you so much. You can swipe your sweat with it and dip it in water and tie it around your neck. It will make you feel cool.


Sunglasses is also important when you travel or hike in summer even if your eye sight is fine. Because this will help you to look on the sunny areas which you have to during hiking without any problem.


You can travel or hike with or without socks but you have to make sure if you are wearing socks then the socks must be summer socks not winter. Because mostly people don’t care about the socks and they wear winter socks which make them uncomfortable during hiking. Don’t let your socks wet because wet socks in warm shoes give rise to blisters which cause pain and eventually it will destroy your hiking plan.

Note that whichever socks you are wearing make sure its comfortable and allow proper ventilation to your feet.


There are many types of shoes but you should wear what’s best for summer travelling and hiking. Your shoes must be comfortable and airy like which allow air to circulate so that it make your feet cool.

One more thing to remember, don’t wear waterproof shoes during hiking because it block ventilation and make your feet warmer in hot weather which leads to bad situation.

So it is very necessary to check your shoes before moving forward.

Recheck your backpack:

Once you pack all your necessities in your bag now it’s the time to recheck your things and cut out the unnecessary things to lighten up your weight to carry for summer travel.

Summer season demands less weight to carry to make yourself comfortable during travel and hiking.

This is why it’s important to carry the stuff which is required and avoid carrying extra stuff to make you in trouble. Because the more stuff you carry the more it will be difficult to travel in hot weather.

Skin care in Summer:

In hot weather like summer you have to be careful for your skin as well. When your skin is exposing to the sunrays there is more chance for your skin to get infected like sunburns. So it’s better to take care of your skin.

By wearing Hat or Cap you can cover some portion of your body like head, face and neck. But what about other exposed parts of your body for that you can use sun block creams. Sun block can save your skin under sunlight.

First Aid box:

Before heading towards your destination, it is very compulsory to carry first aid box with you if you are in group of travelers. Otherwise you can carry few first aid basic things with you because the place where you plan for hiking may not have clinic or hospital nearby so in case of any accident, minor cut or any other unfavorable condition at least you have some bandage / pain killer. You can also take anti nausea, anti fever pills with you. This will help you in your journey.

Role of Water:

Everyone knows the importance of water in summer for example if human body is considering as vehicle then water plays role of fuel in summer.

So take plenty of water bottles with you or choose the track where water availability is possible. Because many traveler experience that summer hiking is easier in shady areas with more water sources. It is also said there is point come in hiking when your mouth feel sticky and your throat becomes dry this is the sign that you urgently need some water or else it may lead to dehydration. Drinking water less than what is required may lead to not only dehydration but also fatigue and other heat related illness.

Few more things to remember during summer is that you must drink water after every 10 minutes in small portion just few sips during hiking because large portion of water make you tired earlier. Take at least 1 liter of water within 2 hours of hiking and even after that.

Food or Meal to Eat:

You must eat light, non oily and easily digestible food before hiking. Eating light food will help you to reach your destination comfortably. If you eat heavy meal in high quantity this will make you tired or ill during your hiking so avoid that.

One more thing is that you should have salty food or snacks because they contain electrolyte which helps you sustain during hot weather.

Resting Point:

Take rest under shades or under tree whichever is available. If you have plan to stay in camps then you must be aware of the insects in your surrounding and do have a plan for them like you can carry some insect killer with you as well.  And your camp must be fully covered and airy to keep you safe and cool respectively. There are many camping areas available in most of the travelling destinations so choose the one which is best for you.