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About me :

Before knowing about me you have to know what I think about travelling, adventure and fitness. it’s Travelling what makes you realize “Life is a journey, make the best of it”. Travelling refreshes your mind, body & soul. Once you start observing and feeling the beauty of natural scenes you will start exploring more places. same happens with me the day I start observing nature make me falling in love with nature.

“Discovering Nature is Discovering yourself”

LivewithRMS :

My love for nature makes me traveller/adventurer. Because travel and adventure require a person to be fit. it makes me think about my fitness seriously. and I start focusing on my health to be fit enough for travelling and adventure. Then I observe travel, adventure and fitness are interlinked things. It enhances my attention towards these three things.

it’s hard to define myself. because I try to do new things in the new style as well as keep improving myself by learning from mistakes. which I use to do every day but I believe in bringing positive change in myself, in my society and in the environment.

so here is my intro my name is Rana Muhammad Shoaib (RMS), I was born in Punjab, Pakistan. and for myself travelling (exploring new as well as historical places), adventure (doing something new/crazy) and fitness is my passion. I love doing these things since my childhood but realized it later.

During my studies, I took part in many travelling and fitness-related activities. My this passion deviate my attention towards studies and I discover that I love exploring new as well as historical places and love to do adventures. After realizing this I start finding that one lucky job. but I end up becoming a freelancer and an entrepreneur. and then in 2018, I start blogging and making videos. which helps me a lot in following my passion.

Now come to the name of this site. so most of the readers must be curious about this site name “livewithRMS” I choose this name because I want to share my lively activities like travelling, adventuring and fitness related stuff with the people connected with me. so live with RMS is the hub of travelling, adventure and fitness related posts.


Travel, Adventure, Fitness:

Travelling, Adventure and fitness are interlinked for example adventure involves bold, risky and physically tough activities whereas travelling also demands physical fitness therefore fitness is just like oxygen. if you are not fit you cannot live long. you can be fit through cycling, walking towards your travelling destinations, hiking, mountaineering, horse riding and many other adventurous activities.

There is an old saying that memory never dies every moment which you enjoy a lot becomes your memory.

Mushkpuri top was my best experience of hiking and horse riding at 9200 ft above the sea level now the goal is to go beyond that level. After this tour, I got motivated to visit the highest places in the world. Now the highest mountain is on my list. all you need is courage and self-belief to remove your fear and to do whatever you want to achieve.

After travelling my few favourite destinations it enhances my connection with nature and allows me to click and share the real beauty of these places from the ice-covered mountain, giant river & sea to hidden lakes and desert i will try my best to share it with you along with the fitness activities.

Now with the recommendation of Travelling places-best hotels, adventurous activities and fitness ideas my goal is to make you all think out of the box and find what you are passionate about and Believe me. it will help you out, in doing what you are best at.

I would love to interact with you guys subscribe me, like share and comment on my posts. your feedback is very important for me to improve this site in making better stuff.

Surprise Gift:

If you have any exciting or innovative travelling, adventure and fitness ideas. Share it with me if your idea will be selected you will get a surprise gift.

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