Best Way to Lose Weight Without Doing Exercise

Do you know the Best Way to Lose Weight Without Doing Exercise? We all know that health experts suggest a number of ways to lose weight, including a variety of exercises and starvation techniques. No doubt exercise plays a key role in all the ways to lose weight, but what if you hate exercise.

If you want to lose weight and don’t like to do exercise, don’t worry we have a great solution for you. Before reading the methods of losing weight without exercise you have to make sure that you cannot break the rules and have to follow them strictly. Similarly you should also get checked your hormones level because many people who find it difficult to lose weight have hormonal imbalance issues. Hormonal imbalances disturb the metabolism process of the body which eventually make it difficult to burn fat and losing weight.

Below we will mention some of the methods that can help you lose weight.

First let’s discuss how we can decrease our calorie intakes:

It will be very strange to say don’t eat when you are hungry. On other hand it will be difficult to stop you while you are eating your meal. So how can you tackle this issue, In order to lose weight?

Following are the methods which will help you to eat less to control your hunger games.

Control your mind to control your hunger:

Mind is the main controller of your body. Whatever your body does and whatever action your body takes, it is because of your mind. Not everyone is able to fully control their mind, especially for those who find it difficult to lose weight.  But controlling your body through your mind is not impossible. You can try to control your body by sending a message to the brain before eating that you will eat in low quantity only. By following this you can lose around 1.6 pounds in weight.

Small pots Method:

Usually, the plates used for food are more than ten inches in size. According to experts, if the size of the plate is less than nine or eight inches, we can reduce our diet by 25%. Similarly, if we reduce the size of our spoon, the dose can be further reduced by 15%. In this way you will eat less which will help you in losing weight.


Eat Good in Relaxed Ambiance:

By eating good food means you should eat those foods which make your stomach saturated as well as perfectly fine for your health. E.g. High fiber foods like avocado, sprouts, beans, oats, brown rice, and sweet potatoes. This kind of food slows down digestion and helps you feel full for a longer period. Secondly, add protein in your food because 30 % of your protein burns in your body and decreases the calories and increases the muscles of your body. Drink plenty of water throughout the day also helps you burn fat faster.

If you find it difficult to eat less you should change the place where you eat more food. According to the latest research, people who eat in hotels with more lights and noise, consume more food than people who eat in calm and dim light. So this eating in a relaxed ambiance will help you in controlling your hunger psychologically.


Keep recording what you eat:

Eating less is not fine until you know what you eat is good for you or bad for you. It is important to keep track record of your diet so that you can accurately estimate calories. This will help you know either you are going surplus in calories or you are calorie deficit. Of course, it’s not difficult to do. Keeping track record of your diet makes it easier to balance your diet.


Keep Checking Your Weight:

It has often been observed that people consider themselves healthy without Calculating their BMI. Keep it in mind that you cannot judge your health without taking into account your age, height and weight. We should keep checking our body weight and must take necessary actions if there are any unexpected changes in our body weight. Taking precautionary measures can prevent further weight gain.


Keep a track record of your physical activity:

If you don’t do a workout or exercise, then you should keep recording your physical activities which burn calories. For example, if you go to your educational institution or towards your office, are you going on walk? Do you play sports? Do you swim or hike or love to jog in the morning? Do you do cycling every day? These all activities help you burn your calories which results in losing weight. So by keeping a record of your physical activities you can figure it out what activity is best for you in losing weight.


Get enough sleep:

One more reason which makes your body’s calorie surplus is lack of sleep. Lack of sleep causes the brain to produce hormones that increase appetite. According to health experts, losing weight is more important than getting enough sleep. Sleep duration should not conflict with the exercise. According to medical research, every person should get 8 hours of sleep daily so that the hormonal system responsible for controlling the feeling of hunger and fulfill your thirst.


Diet plan Mystery:

Most people get confused when it comes to following their diet plan. Everybody needs a different diet schedule according to their Health status (BMI, Hormone change level, and vitamin/mineral deficiencies)

No Matter what, If your goal is to lose weight without exercise, start your day with higher to mid-level to lower meals from morning to afternoon to night meals respectively. You have to keep changing your diet plan and keep swapping the high portion to low portion of protein, carbs, fats, vitamins, and calcium. Make sure you have to be calorie deficit at the end of the day. High carbs will slow down the fat-burning process. Similarly, protein-rich meals will help to control appetite throughout the day. Try to keep balancing your Macro and Micronutrient intake through your meal.

According to dieticians and nutritionists, the amount of protein, carbs, fats requirement depends on age, weight, height.

If you are still confused about how much protein, carbs, and fats you should take, in order to lose weight you can calculate the required portion by using the General formula per day for a weight loss diet plan:

For Protein: 0.8 to 1.5-gram protein per kg of your body

For Carbs: 0.5 to 1.0-gram carbs per kg of your body

For Fats:  0.5 to 8.0-gram fats per kg of your body


Evaluate your progress and add some changes:

Every 2 weeks you must evaluate your calorie deficit. After evaluation, you will come to know either this diet plan decreases your weight or not. If the minimum calories you take every day for 2 weeks do not bring change in your body in terms of losing weight, then you should change your diet plan to a lower calorie plan. For example, if you have taken 2000 calories for 2 weeks and it does not help you to decrease even 0.5 kg that means you are not calorie deficit and you should decrease your calorie intake. You can decrease your calories by 200 calories to further check about it.