easy ways to tackle your pre adventure anxiety

It’s good to know easy ways to tackle your pre-adventure anxiety thoughts. While you plan about your adventure at various points you will feel some fear, some doubts, and some anxious thoughts. Mostly it happens before a couple of hours of your departure. Do not panic, it’s very normal because many people face such feelings in the same condition. Your fear doubles when you plan for solo traveling or solo adventuring but tackling the weird thoughts in the right way makes your adventure plan successful.

Some points which might bother you before planning your adventure:

Whether you are going somewhere alone or with your friends and family, some of these questions would pop up in your mind. For example, should I move out alone? Or should we move out now or later?

  • Going away from home would be worthwhile and fun?
  • is it safe to be there?
  • Would I be able to get a comfortable place for staying during my vacation?
  • Is the hygienic food available there?
  • What would be the sickness probability before, during, and after travel?
  • Would I be able to do the adventure activity as my friends did?
  • Is this vacation within my budget?
  • Is this vacation going to be entertaining?
  • Fitness level checks for traveling and adventure activity?
  • What would be the weather condition during my vacation?
  • And if you are a workaholic and you have some official work to do would you be able to have a suitable working environment there?
Answering all the above questions

Answering all the above questions will make or break your plan depending upon the nature of your plan. Like you are planning for yourself only or planning with friends and family members as well. After that as soon as you find out what’s bothering you, see what you can do to resolve it. You can search for its remedy. Do some research to find out the best time to travel or having your desired adventure activity. If you have safety issues you can check the crime rate of that area. and about its people to know how safe would be that area for you. You can look for the best accommodation with hygienic food on the internet. If you feel nausea/vomiting or any other sickness during or after travel. Similarly doing any adventure activity you can take prescribed medicine with you. Don’t have an idea of the tracks towards your destination, hire a tour guide. Want to do adventure activities like water rafting or paragliding you have never done before, join training classes to cope up with your fear. Explore the new angle of your destination to entertain yourself to the fullest. Check out the weather condition for the whole time of your vacation. Accommodation with the best working environment will let you finish your official work during your vacation.  

Things to ignore:

One of the unfavorable things that can happen to you is when you ask for suggestions or advice from someone and they comment your plan is not exciting or not a thrilling one. The worst part of it when someone said, you should change your plan. It’s better for you to ignore them and stick to your plan because you already researched your plan and only you know the importance of what you want so don’t argue with such kind of person.

Things to do:   

In order to control pre-adventure anxiety thoughts, it is very important to do some self-care activities before moving out for your adventure. which includes mental and physical fitness, proper rest time, use positive language, make small achievable goals, schedule your daily activities, try to observe new angles of nature via sunrise, sunsets, clouds, gardening, etc. it will help you stay positive and active during your vacation.

Make to do list:

To save your time you should make a to-do list to have maximum fun within the available time. Your planning must be according to the nature of your adventure activity.

Note down your whole day plan:

Once you made your adventure plan now is the time to note down your whole day schedule like how you want to start your day and how to end it up doing your desired adventures.

Always have plan B:  

Even if your plan is perfect and you’re very punctual Sometimes things don’t happen according to plan due to various factors. In that case, you must have “plan B” so that when needed, you can have another fun adventure to avoid your vacation from spoiling.


It helps you a lot to fight with negative vibes and bring positive energy to yourself. Which keeps your mind calm, increase your focus, and make yourself more confident by increasing your decision power.


It increases your strength, makes your body flexible helps you to balance your weight boost your fitness level as well as cardio and circulatory health. Both yoga and meditation help in increasing mind power and physical strength which helps you in believing in you and boost your courage to do difficult tasks without any fear. So maintaining your health and keep balancing your calories is the best thing to make yourself ready for your next adventure plan.


Read your favorite book and learn from it. Every book has something special to teach you and to make you creative about observing different things. Before you plan to move out you should read your favorite book. And pick the points which relate to your plan, it will help you observe new experiences during your vacation time.

Learn what you need to know:

if you don’t know about the language of the destination you planned to explore you should learn some basics. Secondly, learn the adventure activity you planned for before performing it. For example paragliding, rafting, kayaking, surfing, and boarding need some skills to be learned otherwise it might cause some serious injuries which can spoil your whole vacation. 


If you spend a lot of time sitting on the couch watching movies eating food doing other stuff but no proper physical activity like exercise. You will be in trouble when you move out for your vacation because you have to be fit to walk or hike or doing your favorite adventure activity. So don’t be lazy make exercise your habit.

Have Fun during your vacation:  

This is your plan and you deserve to have a memorable time on your vacation. Forget about everything which stressing you out. Just focus on having a great time to make your vacation a worthy experience.