Get in shape in 6 weeks

It’s not easy to get in shape in 6 weeks. Some person take few months and some take years to get in shape. There are many factors which bring change in your body. For example your genes, your hormones, your health status (you have any illness / disease or not) your body weight and your fat level. If you really want to transform your body to be in shape you have to put more efforts than before. There is no doubt in the fact that your body requires suitable time to bring a change in body shape. It also depends upon your current body status i.e. your daily activities, your habits and your stamina. But if you follow proper guidelines and focus on your target with passion you can achieve everything. According to the research it is said the body changes after 3 months of workout plan. But it is also said if you follow perfect strategy you can do it before 3 months. Like if you do cardio in the morning and hardcore training session at night with balanced diet and rest you can transform your body in 6 weeks.


What you need to do to get in shape:

First you need to examine and observe your whole body status like mentioned above. Then note down the possible measure you can take to bring change in your body. It can be anything from changing your junk food habits to lazy activities which stopped you from doing healthy activities. you must check your whole body health status via medical test report in order to know what is actually needed for transformation. If you are able to understand medical report and know what to do about it. you can do it with the following given suggestions in this article otherwise consult with the doctor (nutritionist / dietitians) for the perfect diet plan and the physiotherapist or fitness expert to know which workout is suitable according to your current status.

In order to get in shape you need to value your body and to value your body you have to give value to your time. And to achieve your target within time you have to make time schedule and follow it properly. This is very important to start off with light weight training if you are at beginner level or starting workout after long time. Then gradually raise your level to intense workout session. Secondly follow proper diet plan. Keep checking your calories and fat level.

Don’t forget the fact that you have to transform your activities (living style, diet intakes, resting time, workout consistency) to transform your body and get in shape.

Transforming your body:

Transformation of your body sound cool words but it takes diligent efforts to transform your whole body. Because you have to do something extra to get extra results. To live healthier life you have to maintain your fitness and to get fit your body needs transformation. Make small and achievable targets in first phase (2 weeks ) of your transformation. Because after achieving your first target you will feel more energy and motivation to achieve other targets. Then in second phase (2 weeks)  you should lose your extra fat which is not required by your body to be fit and to be in shape. Finally in the last phase (2 weeks) you need to track your diet (calories intake, consumption, burn and required) on daily basis. you can follow the following recommendations to bring change in your body.


Make small and achievable targets:

Before starting you must follow small but achievable targets for your body. This means target should be according to your suitability. for example your target can be to lose 10 lb in 6 weeks similarly your target can be to gain 10 lb weight in 6 weeks. or it can also be to build more muscles on your body. Now your focus must be on achieving your target. You can divide your 6 weeks plan into separate weeks. Now you must prioritize each week plan and must struggle hard to make a difference before starting the next week plan.

Target without deadline is nothing:

After setting your target you need to set a deadline. Because in order to achieve any target there should be a deadline for it. Whether its muscle building, losing or gaining weight. Any target can never be achieved without setting deadline for your target. for example if you want full body transformation in 6 weeks you can set 2 deadline. like you in 3 weeks you should achieve your half target by following all possible things and your full target must be achieved in 6 weeks. It will be hard to do but If you plan like this you can achieve this on time.

Take care of your diet:

If you ‘re linked with dietitian for diet plan that’s good enough for you. But if you are unable to get dietitian services than you can take help from internet as well. Diet is also very important in the transformation process. What, how and when you eat or drink matters a lot. So you should track your diet intakes and calories consumption. Eat what is required by your body. Your diet must be relevant with your target of transformation. If your target is to lose weight you need fewer calories as compared with weight gain. Know your Basal metabolic rate which tells the calories burn by your body on its own.

You can note down your daily diet intake. If you don’t know how to count calories you can search it on internet. you can download mobile app for that as well. Noticing your daily calories will help you to figure out how much calories your body needs and how much have to burn. This will help in transformation in short period.

Implementation of your diet plan:

Whatever diet plans you follow just make sure you are taking enough calories regarding your target. For example if you want to lose weight you must be calorie deficit, eat veggies, proteins and burn extra calories. On the other hand if you want to build muscle you will need surplus calories about 700 more calories than your basal metabolic rate depending on your current body weight. For toning up your body you need exact amount of calories in shape of proteins (chicken, fish, dairy products etc.) and carbs (brown rice, whole grain bread, fruits and vegetables etc.) Keep in mind excess of everything is bad. You should eat balanced diet according to your body requirements.

Exercise for Transformation:

After diet exercise comes next to transform your body. Simple exercises with funful, amazing and effective types of workout makes a huge difference. So when your target is to build up muscles for transformation then exercise plays vital role in transforming your whole body. if you don’t wanna leave your home for gym you can do workout at home and if you love to go to gym and want to workout under fitness expert trainer that is fine too. But keep in mind you must start by doing portion to portion session.

Like upper portion training session (push ups, pull-ups, bench press or dumbbell rows) for one day and lower portion training session (dead lifts, squats, leg presses) for another day mixing up with strength training. Make sure your training session must be long enough about 40 to 50 minutes. Start with easy weight and gradually increase the weight to higher level. Repeat these workouts and replace with other workout sets every week. like you can add burpees, lunges, sit ups, russian twists etc.It will take some time but eventually it will transform your body and will give you new shape.

Similarly you can add more exercises into it once you get use to of it. The best fat burner exercise includes cardio with strength training plus core muscle training session. These three type of training session help you lose your fat way faster than other exercises.

Muscle relaxation:

Muscle relaxation is very important whether you do light weight short training sessions or heavy weight long training session. Your muscle needs to be relaxed. And in order to relax your muscles you have to do some stretches. You can do stretch exercises and yoga as well to make your muscles flexible and relaxed. Meditation is also a good source of mental relaxation. One more thing you can do is to take bath to relax and refresh your whole body. you can take sauna bath in winters and Jacuzzi bath or simple shower in summers to be relaxed.