how to enjoy travelling in rainy days

It looks like so difficult and complicated to know about how to enjoy travelling in rainy days especially in a season like monsoon. Most of the people don’t like monsoon season because of the torrential downpour everywhere. Irrespective of the fact that it also provides you the golden chance to have unique experience of travelling.

Unpredictable Rainy days:

Different areas of the world have different tendency of rain out of which south Asian countries like China, Pakistan, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Vietnam etc. have continuous rainy days called monsoon. Many of us are well aware about the Monsoon. This kind of season is mostly unpredictable like in one moment you will see sun rays and on the other moment there will be heavy rain. In such season downpours is very normal. You may see cloudy skies and stormy weather everyday during this season. No doubt monsoon play havoc in many countries. On the other hand it also brings the greenery, blooming flowers, waterfalls new water streams and many other attractive natural scenes.

However, in some areas of the world rainfall is higher as compared to other areas. And finding yourself knee-deep or half body deep in water after continuous rainy days is no fun. It is very necessary to choose the destination which is not flooded. So it is still possible to make a trip during a rainy season like monsoon. You can travel to the areas where there is less chance of disaster due to heavy rain. According to my suggestion the best time to travel is the time right after rain which means you can travel in rain too and enjoy your trip. Because it provides refreshing views of nature, perfect light to brighten your mind, body and soul. That is why, it is very necessary to be fully prepared before travelling in rainy days.

Tips to enjoy travelling in rainy days:

Whatever you plan preparation is a key to all the successful plans. Following practical points would be perfect to implement in order to make your trip safe, funful and by these points you can enjoy travelling in rainy days.

Weather updates:

It is good to know about current weather status before moving towards your destination. Although sometimes weather forecasting goes wrong, that’s why it is best to bring with you all the necessary things to cope up with rainy situation.

Take medicine and first aid things:

In rainy days there is more chance of getting sick easily because of the weather. You can get cold or any other illness in this season. It is very important to take with you basic medicine and first aid to prevent unseen circumstances. This will save your trip from spoiling and let yourself have fun full experience.

Seasonal Discount offers:

Another best thing about rainy days is you can fulfill your wanderlust in low cost. Because most of the people don’t like to travel in rainy days except the passionate travelers. So many hotels, transport, restaurants offer and discounted deals. You can research discounted deals related to the areas where you want to travel.

Suitable accommodation:

The main problem in monsoon season during your trip is to find the suitable accommodation.  From suitable accommodation I meant which provides clean, hygienic environment. Living standard and food service should be maintained there. Monsoon is the season when unwanted and dangerous insects appears from nowhere. So make sure your accommodation is properly sprayed by anti insect spray. Talking about getting wet your accommodation must have dryer facility as well as best laundry service. There should not be any hectic about parking.

Drive Safely:

Travelling in monsoon is quite risky as compared to normal days because of rain and slippery roads. Driving at low speed and maintaining proper distance with the vehicles in your surroundings is one of the safest options.

Lighting effects in Monsoon:

Every traveler loves to capture the unique views. To capture exactly the same view what you experience you need proper light. There is no replacement of natural light. Natural light increases in monsoon season right after rain stops. Every scene shows 2x beauty of the same thing by bringing out the vibrant colors and better exposure. So you don’t need artificial light to capture the scenes and views you like of your favorite destination.

Packing before travelling in rainy days:

You should not allow the rainy season to ruin your whole trip because of your negligence. And you must take the following things with yourself.


The reason I’m putting the shoes on my first point is because most of the people ignore the shoes and wear ordinary type of shoes even in monsoon. Later they face problem with that. Therefore, your shoes must be comfortable to wear with non slip and waterproof quality. This will help you to travel with confidence without any fear. Pack an extra pair of shoes as optional.

Rain jackets / moister wicking shirt:

In rainy season your most of the wearing must be waterproof. Rain jacket is good when there is raining and temperature is too cold to bear. Parachute jackets are one the best. Similarly if the temperature is normal and it’s raining in moderate temperature then you should wear moister wicking shirt. In rainy days you can wear linen, polyester as well as nylon stuff.

Shorts or pants:

Depending on the temperature of the area you can wear quick dry shorts or water repellent pants. But before packing you should check the possibility of the temperature whether it’s going to be cold, hot or moderate and then do your packing accordingly. Whichever makes you comfortable go for it. Try to avoid wearing denim jeans and thick cotton stuff in monsoon. Wearing dark color cloth is also a good idea because it hides mud stains which is very normal in such season.


If you don’t have waterproof clothes to wear no problem pack an umbrella with your other stuff. Umbrella should be light weight, foldable into pocket size so that you can carry it in your pocket as well.

Waterproof bag:

You have gathered all the waterproof stuff in your bag but your bag is not waterproof then all your efforts will go waste. You never know there comes a time where you have to walk with your bag to find out your destination. Therefore, your bag should also be waterproof. You can also carry small side waterproof bag for your cell phone, watch, camera and other electronic items.

Some other important accessories:

Besides the above mention things you may need for Torch light in case you need to go outside at night. A hiking stick to give you support to walk through off road track. and the compass to observe the direction towards your destination.

By following all the above suggestions you will definately have a memorable experience of travelling even in rainy days. So don’t wait and have funful travelling.