how to maintain fitness at home

How to maintain your fitness at home? This might be the billion dollar question because whenever we talk about fitness our mind start thinking about gym and other workout studios. But what if you don’t have enough time to go at these places. Or what if you have to stay at home for some reason and you still want to be fit.

Workout at home is your answer. However workout at home is not only the key to fitness. As you have already studied in my previous article that your body type, diet and taking required bed rest plays vital role.

The main benefit of workout at home is it saves your time and money.

You can set your time according to your suitability without any disturbance. If you are having problem in managing your time for workout . The best time for exercise is morning or evening you can choose both as well.  Set your alarm earlier in the morning and do some work out right after waking up. Similarly find some time in the evening for exercise. That’s the best way to do exercise with some effective results. You need only little space to start workout at home.

One more thing is that whether you want to lose or gain weight, build up muscles or want to do workout for fitness. Keep in mind body weight exercises burns more calories than interval training or any other exercises. So you have to be careful in balancing calories and must take required diet to keep yourself fit & healthy. Your diet must includes protein, carbohydrates, Vegetables, Fruits, Vitamins diary products, depending upon your requirements.

Here are some workout suggestions you can do at home:

Warming Up:

First you have to do some warming up exercises you can choose the number of sets you can easily capable of doing. Some of the warming up exercises are following:

In Place running:

like its name tells you have to do running on the spot you can do it on treadmill. Or you can also do this without treadmill by running on any spot of the floor.

how to maintain fitness at home

Jumping jacks:

In this exercise you have to stand then jump and make X position with your arms and legs. Then get back to the same standing position.

how to maintain fitness at home

Seal jacks:

In seal jacks you have to stand with closed legs and both arms downward side to side with legs. Now jump and clap in front of your chest with opening your both legs. Then jump back to normal position.

how to maintain fitness at home

Rope jumping:

you need a rope and have to jump over it. It warms you up in few seconds.

how to maintain fitness at home


you can do in place cycling for warm up it’s a good cardio excersize but if you don’t have bicycle then you can do it by lying down straight and move your legs like you move pedals of bicycle.

how to maintain fitness at home

Stairs up stairs down:

if you have stairs in your house you can use it for exercise. When you repeatedly come upstairs and go downstairs. It warms you up immediately.



swimming is one of the exercise which burns your calories so quick it is one of the best cardio.

Whatever warming up exercise you gonna do. just keep in mind don’t spend too much time on warm up moves. Because these exercises are pre-workout exercises so give small portion of your time to warm up your body.

After warming up you can do following exercises.


This is the best exercise for abdominal exercise. It is supposed to be a difficult in starting but it helps to shape your six pack abs. There are many variations in crunches.

how to maintain fitness at home

how to maintain fitness at home


Standard Crunches:

In standard crunches you have to lie down bent your knee and sit up to come closer to your knees.

Bicycle Crunches:

In same position like in standard crunches do some bicycle actions. Put your hands behind your head then touch your right knee with left elbow by moving your ribs while keeping your left leg straight.

Abdominal crunches:

lie down in same position like in bicycle crunches touchhow to maintain fitness at home

your belly with your knee  with straight arms that’s it.


It’s a full body exercise. To do burpees you have to follow these steps,

Step one stand straight.

Step two squat position.

Step three put your hands down on the floor.

Step four push up position.

Step five squat position.

Step six jump with raising your hands up.

how to maintain fitness at home


Plank increases your strength because it’s a core strength exercise. In planks you have to hold yourself still in push up position for the maximum time.

how to maintain fitness at home

Planks also have variations like,

Elbow plank:

stay in push up position with the support of your both elbows for maximum time.

Side plank:how to maintain fitness at home

To do this you just have to stay in push up position with the support of one elbow. putting your whole body weight on one elbow.





Elevated side plank:how to maintain fitness at home

In elevated side plank you have to elevate your body on one side of the arm like same as shown in the image.




Mountain climber:

This exercise is also for the whole body it increases your heart beat in few moments. In this you have to be in push up position. And have to run with your both legs one by one.

how to maintain fitness at home


lunges are good for thigh muscles, buttocks and hamstrings. You can do lunges by putting your one knee down and other leg forward like shown in the image.

There are various forms of lunges you can do according to your suitability, For example.

Supported lunges, regular lunges, walking lunges, forward lunges, step back lunges, bouncing lunges , cursty lunges, side lunges, jumping lunges.

how to maintain fitness at home


it is also a strength exercise when you stand up for the squat you have to bent down putting your hips and knee on same level and then stand up back.

Other forms of squats are:

Jumping squats, sumo squats, leap frog squats, side to side squats, bouncing squats, elevated split squats.

how to maintain fitness at home

Push ups:

Push up is raising and lowering the body with the help of your arm. It’s a great exercise and best for pectoral and triceps muscles.

Other forms of pushups are:

Narrow pushups, wide pushups, regular pushups, elevated pushup, shoulder pushups, tapping pushups, knee touch pushups, bent knee pushups, inch worm push up, pushup lateral/ front arm raise.

how to maintain fitness at home

Donkey kick:

Be in push up position and touch your both knees with floor now kick back and raise your leg to maintain fitness at home


Lie down on your belly and raise your both arms and legs and maintain this position as long as you to maintain fitness at home


Does workout at home shows same results as in gym?

It may take long time or you will see changes in few months. All depends on your body type, genetics, commitments and workout abilities. But if you eat healthy diet, workout regularly and take proper rest. Then you will definitely see positive results before time.

Note: Always start with easy excersize with lower number of reps. Try to learn the exact techniques of excersize.       Besides all these tips and tricks you must consult with your physician or instructor before starting any new program. But you should not skip your workout day without any proper reason. Stay happy and blessed wherever you are right now.