how to perfectly plan your travel adventure

How to perfectly plan your travel adventure? Your travel adventure can make your day or break your day. It all depends on how you plan. Therefore, every traveler and adventure seeker must have a suitable answer for this question.

you learn from experiences:

You already have learned lots of planning tips if you read my previous article. After that, I have learned a lot more new things about planning from my latest traveling experience. As you travel more you come to learn more new things. Then I decided to share these ideas with you guys. So here we go

Planning your travel adventure must be easy, entertaining, and excellent. Your planning must include Where to start? Where to go? What is your budget? How to reach there? What activities to do there?  What is your purpose? What are the things you should carry with you?  How to travel with safety? With all these things you can perfectly plan your travel adventure.

Where to start and Where to go:

The most difficult thing in your planning is to choose the destination which suits your passion and budget. Think about your travel adventure desires you want to fulfill. Have you ever wanted to hike K2 base camp or go for Zipline and Skiing or Snorkeling vs. Paragliding? Have you ever planned for visiting Island or enjoying at beachside? Exploring green meadows or wildlife? Visiting historical places or cultures of different places?

It all depends upon your interest and passion. Do some research before traveling anyplace. The research will help you choose the best place and activities of your interest. So initially you have to make a list of destinations according to the expense required to visit that place. Then narrow down some of the best places which match your interest and budget. Taking recommendations from your friends and other travelers can also be very valuable.

Your budget:

Like we already discussed budget is the main thing of every plan. Whatever you are going to do you have to do it within your budget. Otherwise, you have to face many problems. After finishing your research you have to examine how much budget you may need to make this plan possible.

You can start saving money from the first day of planning. It will help you to maintain your budget. For example, you are going towards K2 base camp and you need to spend 30 days there. You must calculate each day’s expense. And start saving money until you got enough money to spend for 30 days there. You know well extra activities require extra money so try to reduce your expense. You can reduce your expense going to the places which are in circle of your budget. Similarly, you can reduce your expense by going with friends or a group of travelers.

How to Reach:

Once you choose your destination the next step is to calculate the time of your stay and the expenses you have to pay. Research the detail of the place you are about to travel to. Firstly, you need to know about expenses of stay, food and fare charges of conveyance. Secondly, how much expenses of traveling needed to reach your destination.

If you are going in your own conveyance you have to calculate fuel charges & consumption to reach there. If going via bus or taxi you have to check current fares. One more thing to consider is to check about what currency or card is suitable in that particular area. Try to avoid peak season crowds to save your time and money. So before reaching you must note down per day expense and must keep the total amount as per your stay requirements.

Activities to do there:

Whatever activity you plan to do at your favorite place, keep in mind to do it within budget. Every activity demands something to pay. Like if you are planning to boat at the lake or parasailing or photoshoot at mountains etc. You need to do it within budget. One of the most important things to take seriously is fitness. Be realistic about your own fitness level. As you know, during travel you burn more calories while walking, hiking, etc. so you must be careful about your fitness and take care of your body before traveling. Keep doing regular workouts to maintain your health.

Your purpose of traveling:

You must evaluate the purpose of the travel adventure. Are you traveling to explore nature? Are you traveling for adventure? Traveling for photography? Traveling to understand the culture of that place? Traveling to understand the history of that place? You must know the purpose of your traveling and in the end, your purpose must be fulfilled. You can learn some skills according to the purpose of your traveling. For example, if you are traveling for an adventure like climbing to the giant mountain. Or kayaking in river you must take training classes to make it possible. If your purpose of traveling is photography you must take photography classes. To understand the culture you must learn basics of that specific language. Similarly, you must have some historical knowledge to understand the history of that place.

Things you should carry:

You have to pack your bag according to the place and season. While packing keeps it in mind you should not carry heavy things. Believe me, if you do so, it will manipulate your traveling experience. List all the items like lightweight clothing, footwear, jackets. As well as sunblock, sunglasses, cap, gloves, socks, torchlight, compass and other items including necessary documents. After selecting items for packing. Now it’s time to cut down and decrease the weight of your bag. Bag weight must not cross 20 kg even if you are traveling to other countries.

Once you are done with packing it’s time to recheck all the items according to the season, weather, and place. Now you are ready to carry this bag.

Travel with safety:

You must give priority to your health and safety. Having knowledge of first aid is very beneficial. You must take some medical items. like painkillers, antibiotics, anti-diarrhea, anti-inflammatory, and pills for nausea and bandages for safety, etc. Take a special vaccination if required depending upon the area you are visiting. Drink a lot of water and avoid oily foods. Take care of your cleanliness wherever you go. On the other hand, You must learn some self-defense techniques to take care of yourself as well as your loved one. Tell your friends and family about your traveling share with them your hotel and travel agent name and contact.

By following all these above rules you can perfectly plan your traveling adventure.