how to travel during lockdown

How  to travel during lockdown? It might be sounding like a stupid question because covid-19 wreaking havoc with us both mentally and physically. Thousands of people have been died worldwide. The coronavirus has also wreaked havoc on the travel industry. It also impact other businesses everywhere in the world. So it’s better to stay at home with safety. unless you got some emergency to go out to do something very important.

Turn your boring time into funful experience:

Now come to another side of this ironic situation. Sitting idle and doing no work at all except some domestic chores turn your mood off. Especially for travelers. A traveler cannot stay at home too long. And

Besides travelers everyone is feeling a bit trapped inside the house these days.

But you don’t need to panic about this boring isolation period. I am going to share how you can travel during your isolation period.

You can still have the great travelling experience without leaving your home.

Thanks to Technology:

Since we are all stuck at home and spending time inside house. It does not mean you cannot see what the world is offering from outside.

Say thanks to technology which not only bringing new products and services to solve huge problems. It is also improving our living standard. Now we can do various things at home with the help of Artificial intelligence. Google the tech giant with the help of NPS & national park service is offering virtual tours for everyone. Popular attractions across the globe are now making it easier to visit these places via virtual technology.

Through these tours you can enjoy visiting these greatest places.

Explore the World from your home:

Different Countries is offering different travelling, adventure and amusement experience.

Google Arts & Culture collaborated with over 2500 museums and galleries in the world. And these are offering virtual tours. It will provide 360 angel video, street views of many places.

Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska:

This virtual tour will let you explore glaciers, fjords, and icebergs located in the Alaska. Click here.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii:

Visit explore the Nahuku Lava. Click here.

Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico:

You can visit many caves here with huge number of bats inside the cave. Click here.

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah:

famous desert landscape you can take a look on more than 100 canyon here. Click here.

Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida:

This virtual tour will take you to this amazing park located in key west.  Click here

Visit Orlando:

I don’t know the person who doesn’t like amusement parks Orlando is one of the famous park. you can enjoy its virtual tour as well give this word a click and see the magic Orlando virtual tour.

Antiques of France:

If you love antique things, places and unique historical places in France, you can visit the Lourve.  And take virtual tour of these places.

Museum of Vatican:

You can visit this amazing museum of Vatican city. You have to just click on this link museivaticani.

Views of St.Lucia:

Want to experience some tropical place check out the views of St.Lucia. 

Places in China:

You can visit great wall of china and other places of china virtually. Click here.

Monument of Pakistan:

Did you visit Pakistani monument virtually. Click here .

Visit KSA:

You can also visit kingdom saudia Arabia virtually. Click here.

Petra, Jordan:

Petra is also one of the oldest place and monument in the world click here.

Visit Dubai:

Visiting dubai in click is now easier from home. Click here.

Wanna visit Taj Mahal:

you can also visit taj Mahal just click this view of taj Mahal

Did you say Machu picchu:

yes you got it too. you can visit machu picchu as well click here.

Scenes of Japan:

You are desiring to visit japan no problem just take the tour of Japan virtual tour.

Son Doong Cave:

What do you think about visiting Mighty Cave from your couch check this Son doong Cave Virtual Tour

Aerial view of Nature:

Get an aerial view of natural wonder. Which everyone loves check out this Glacier

Hunting Animals:

Did you check this live hunting watch here .


Apart From this you can visit youtube channels to spend some quality time inside your house.