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The good news is the travel and tourism industry of Pakistan improves its ranking as compared to the 2017 report. But the Bad news is Pakistan is still the least competitive country in South Asia. According to the World Economic Forum’s recent report 2019, Pakistan ranked 121 out of 140 countries in the Asia Pacific region.

To find out how we can improve the travel and tourism industry of Pakistan. we first have to take a look at how china comes first in Asia according to the travel and tourism competitiveness report 2019.

Reasons why china comes first in Asia (travel and tourism competitiveness report 2019)

According to the research, in 2017, the China National Tourism Association set guidelines on all for one tourism demonstration zones. The demonstration zones increase standards of governance, extensive tourism products, services, and active public participation to encourage local governments. For improving tourism competitiveness and service quality to boost regional economies.

Now tourism is a key pillar of the Chinese economy. A huge investment has been made to improve infrastructure and standards, in addition to tourism-friendly policies. That is why China has come to the top Asian country for the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2019

Government Support:

The China National Tourism Administration encourages local governments to build on each region’s tourism resources to develop unique tourism competitiveness.

Visa Policies:

Amendments in visa policies made traveling in the region easier. china traveling graph shows 80% of arrivals in Asia originating from the region.


Technology is a huge factor in this growth. Online travel intermediaries. China is actively investing in its online channels to meet demand from its constantly-connected consumers. They are also investing in digital marketing to popularize their traveling destinations.


China also said to be a famous shopping hub. it provides everything from luxury goods to baby products with different price ranges. because Hong Kong has no sales tax and a reputation for authentic goods.

Sports Events:

Travel in China across Asia increases because of sporting events like winter games in Beijing.

travel & tourism pakistan


Pakistan is globally famous for its richness of having natural resources and natural places. From the highest mountain ranges to the green meadows, sand desserts, seaside, waterfalls, and attractive lakes, Pakistan has built its image around the world. but we are still at the bottom of the travel and tourism country list.

The question might be raised in your mind.



Why Pakistan is still having a problem in improving its travel and tourism industry?

According to the report, S. Asia ranks low for infrastructure, with underdeveloped tourist service infrastructure representing its greatest relative disadvantage.

Following are some strategies for the improvement of the travel and tourism industry of Pakistan


Since we are living in a digital world. the tourism industry must rely on ICTs (information and communication technology). Many countries have succeeded in using ICTs and more precisely the Internet to develop their tourism industries. Basis of ICT development is composed of ICT infrastructure, ICT hardware, software & information system, and people. Unfortunately, Pakistan has low ICT readiness which needs to be improved as soon as possible.

ICT readiness assessment model can help to provide frameworks and critical indicators that are suitable for small and medium organizations. (in both the public and private sectors)

The goal of ICT is to analyze the level of innovation, productivity, and market share. depending on the tourism area i.e. accommodation, gastronomy and travel Agencies.

The Internet has emerged as the fastest-growing media and communication medium. it has played a boosting role in the tourism industry. The Internet allows the processing and comparison of information that are part of the tourism industry. The hospitality industry, the transportation industry, and the mobile systems industry. these are found in the following areas

  • hotels
  • restaurants
  • airlines
  • weather and traffic conditions
  • transportation
  • city guides
  • currency conversion
  • translation.

The wide range of tourism and travel websites that have been created in developing countries illustrate the significance of ICTs in the tourism industry.

In general, it has been proved that the use of ICTs has a positive effect on increasing the market share of the firms.

Visa policies:

In 2017 and 2018 visa policies of Pakistan were so strict for many countries. but now the government has changed its visa policies to promote tourism. however, it needs more improvements to make it easy for international tourists to avail visa easily. for example the duration of the visa process and payment method options.

Safety and Security:

The biggest concern for inbound and outbound tourists is their safety and security to the places where they travel.  Travel and tourism industry of Pakistan can only grow if it provides safety and security to their visitors. The more the tourists feel safe & secure the more they recommend others to travel to Pakistan. Punjab, Kpk, Ajk, Gilgit Baltistan government introduces police for tourist’s safety & security. Other regions like Balochistan and Sindh need to improve safety & security plans for tourists.



Waste/ pollution Management:

According to the survey, where international tourists compliment Pakistani places. They also complain about the pollution in these places. Because most of the inbound travelers visit and ruin the beauty of these places. They throw plastic bottles, rapers, plastic bags where they travel. which turn these beautiful places into garbage yard. The government needs to be more active regarding the waste management system.  Although all the regions of Pakistan now working on the motive of clean and green Pakistan. But proper checks and balances are still needed to make sure how it’s working.

Activity on Social media:

Everyday number of social media users is increasing. if we talk about business, brands, celebs, etc they are all promoting their products on social media. Social media platforms help to share your message with the world within seconds. it allows users to share content quickly, efficiently, in real-time. The travel and tourism industry can also be promoted on social media, creating attractive content about travel destinations.

Sports/travel & tourism/cultural/religious Events:

Pakistan has now started organizing different events. These events based on sports, travel & tourism expo, cultural nights and many other religious events. The purpose of such events is to attract tourists all around the world which is a great initiative. but the thing is we still need to increase the number of events with better organizing policies.

Euromonitor International says the Southeast Asian destinations have been promoted. They are promoted aggressively with online travel agents via social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc. Cheap deals make trips more affordable to more consumers, many of whom had never previously traveled outside the country.

So these are some of the researched steps we can follow to improve the travel & tourism industry of Pakistan.