lakes and waterfalls in punjab

Whenever we talk about lakes and waterfalls we start imagining northern areas. But there is a good news for the people who lives near or in Punjab. Before that let me introduce Punjab to the readers who don’t know about this province.

So Punjab name is derived from two words five=Punj and water=ab. This name is given because 5 rivers attached with it. Punjab is well known for its culture, food, historical places and many other entertaining places.

Whether you want to visit historical places, wanna taste spicy, delicious & finger licking punjabi food. or wanna see different cultures in Punjab there is much more to explore in Punjab you might not know about. Apart from the five rivers there are some attracting lakes and beautiful waterfalls in Punjab.

Believe me these places can totally change your mood. And best for spending quality time with your friends and family or even for solo travelling. Summer trips supposed to be in cool places. But when it comes to lakes and waterfalls we want to visit these in all seasons.

Here are our favorite spots to go when we want to travel for lakes and waterfalls or just splash around in the water.


Lake kallar kahar:

kallar kahar lake is giant salt water lake. You can do boating to take a big round of this lake. The cool breeze here will make you feel better.

This lake is located near Salt Range in Chakwal District, almost 225 kilometres from Lahore on M2 motorway and 125 km from Rawalpindi. There are many Shinwari restaurants in kallar kahar which cook dalecious meat for you. So next time when you stop at motorway for rest do check this out. You can stay there as well. You can say this lake is suitable for having a relaxing vacation.


Swaik Lake:

Swaik lake is very stunning. Its water is looks green from the distance. The more you get closer to the lake its water looks so clear that you can see the fishes. Swaik Lake or Khandoa Lake is situated at 10 km from the Tehsil kallar kahar, district chakwal and 30 kilometers southwest of Chakwal along the motorway.

This lake is bit small but still it looks so charming because it is surrounded by mountains and greenery. Its a small pack big surprise. You can dive into water if you know about swimming. If you don’t know about swimming no problem you can take water proof jacket and enjoy the lake water.


Khabaiki Lake:

It is a salt water lake located in the southern Salt Range. The lake is named after a nearby village, Khabikki.

Enjoy the picturesque beauty of khabaiki Lake. This lake has a delightful track and the motel on the side of the lake. The track has so many lamp which makes your night walk magnificent with your love one. So at this lake you can also do boating. you can stay and have amazing food here.


Uchali Lake:

The lake is located in the southern salt range and has brackish water.

Uchali lake is a fantastic lake for vacations. You just need to walk out of your room and have fun with this amazing view. you can do boating there to witness this mesmerizing lake. The bridge in between of this beautiful lake is so attractive that you can’t leave it without spending hours. Let me tell you that there is no hotel around this lake you have to visit and move to somewhere you can stay. But you can do camping there, you cannot easily move away from this beauty.

Jhalar Lake:

The lake is situated near the village Jahlar. It is a hidden but beautiful lake. It is situated far from populated area. This area is not so populated. The best thing about this lake is its in so calm and peaceful environment. you can hear your own voice or birds singing. You will see plenty of birds especially siberian birds here. You can set a tent on sided with your friend which is the best idea to feel the nature.  Boating is not allowed here maybe in future it will be allowed.

Namal Lake:

Namal lake is located near Rikhi, a village on one corner of the Namal valley in Mianwali, Punjab, Pakistan.

The lake is spread over an area of 5.5 km2 and was built in 1913 after the construction of Namal Dam. Take in the lake views on a one hour, scenic boat. Boating is a great way to explore the lake. This lake is very appealing. You can do boating here as well.

Neela Wahn Waterfall:

From hiking to exploring the Mud Mountains and greenery around the waterfall there’s a lot to see.

Neela Wahn is a village in subdivision (Tehsil) of Kalar Kahar of District Chakwal in Punjab, Pakistan. Kalar Kahar Tehsil is a tourist destination located 25 kilometres southwest of Chakwal along the motorway. It is notable for its natural gardens, peacocks and a saltwater lake. It is 125 km away from Rawalpindi. Neela wahn waterfall consisits of various water ponds made up of the water coming from the waterfall. its water is so clean and cold you can take bath, do swimming there.

Kanhatti waterfall:

Kanhatti Garden, located in Soon Valley of district khushab, is accessible from Islamabad (M2 Balkasar Interchange), Lahore (M2 KallarKahar Interchange) Sargodha, Khushab and Mainwali. The distance from Islamabad is 290 km, from Lahore is 300-km and from Sargodha is 120 km.

this waterfall has a lot to offer to kids and families year-round. In summer, hours of family fun can be had by swimming, taking bath, selfies with big stones there and fishing.

Before you head home, get in a round of kanhatti garden which have so many plant species. Apart from the garden it also has beautiful masjid to offer prayer. staying lodges where you can stay as well as camping area to set a camp. Kanhatti garden also have highest view point where you can view the whole areas around.


Kadomi waterfall:

Kick off your stay in kadomi waterfall area. It is located 3 km away from neela wahn waterfall near coal mines. It is one of attractive and magnificent waterfall in Punjab. You can see where the water is coming from during your way to kadomi waterfall. The height of the waterfall is so high and it looks so beautiful when water comes from waterfall. It’s the best family picnic point however you may need to hike to reach there.

Neela Sandh Waterfall:

Neela Sandh is a waterfall in Mouri syedan, Rawalpindi District of Punjab the province of Pakistan. It is almost 40 kilometres (25 mi) away from Islamabad. It is surrounded by greenery.

You can spend fun-filled day here with your friends and family. Although it takes some time to reach there. But the scenes in surroundings make you forget about time.


Narh / Narrar Watefall:

Narh or Narrar waterfall is so mesmerizing because it is situated in rocky area which increases its beauty. It is located in the small village of Tehsil Kahuta, NARH Waterfall is only 60 kilometers away from Islamabad.

The view is so amazing. that you will automatically make time to relax on the corner to enjoy its beautiful view.

Marot Waterfall:

This waterfall placemark is situated in Bahawalnagar, Punjab, Pakistan and Bhawalnagar city is situated at the border of India and Pakistan.

This waterfall is very unique. Because it is located in historical place of bhawalnagar which is marot. You can’t imagine a waterfall in such area. you can also find a desert just few miles away. This place is best for the people who love adventure.


Belakas waterfall:

Kotli sattian is very beautiful area of Pakistan. It is surrounded by lush greenery. Most of the visiter or traveler didn’t observe its hidden beauty yet. Kotli sattian has a forest which looks as same as ushu forest of kalam. Most of Its mountain are so elegant which allows you to take the eagle eye view of the area.

Belakas waterfall is located in mouri syedan, an area of tehsil kotli sattian Rawalpindi. It is not much heighted waterfall but it looks so wonderful that you cannot take your eyes off. This place is also suitable for friends and family who likes to hike.