Kashmir is one of the most rewarding and diverse travel destination.it’s got incredible culture, gorgeous and varied scenes. It is known as part of paradise on this earth. However today I’ll talk about the list of best places to travel in Kashmir (AJK) in Pakistan also called Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

But do you have any idea about which are the best places to travel in Kashmir?Kashmir

Although there are many places which are full of natural beauty. but it is said that there are still many places in Kashmir that are still undiscovered. So Let me share some of the best places in Kashmir

Whenever someone hears the name of Kashmir the name of the valley comes in mind is, Of course, Neelum Valley. Neelum Valley is rich with splendid natural scenes. you can hardly close your eyes off from wherever you look. Every minute takes you to another magnificent site which keeps you entertaining throughout the journey.

Neelum Valley is firmly on the beaten path, you may face some landslide areas in different portions of Kashmir. you can see in the image but difficult roads lead to a beautiful destination. Other attracting places include the Dhani waterfall. which is an easily accessible & beautiful waterfall located on the roadside.

Kutton waterfall is also easily approachable without hiking or tracking you can reach there on an easy drive. This waterfall is so mesmerizing and it seems like mini Niagrafall. It is best for friends & family gatherings and entertainment on the roadside. Sharda has many mesmerizing scenes including Sharda university.

Let the thrill began:

There are many places in Kashmir where you have to do hiking and trekking. This also helps you to maintain your fitness. you can see the line of control at some places of AJK. Kel is full of wooden huts with iced cover mountains.


Arangkel is famous for green meadows in the middle of iced cover mountains. Ratti Gali Lake is the alpine glacial lake. Chitta Katha Lake is another beauty located at the shountar valley of AJK. Taobat in tehsil athmuqam on the other hand is not less than a beautiful wonderland on earth. It is the location where the Neelum River enters the territory of Pakistan.



It’s a popular summer holiday destination for many people in Pakistan. and is easy to navigate for independent (solo) travelers as well as package tourists.kashmir

You’ll find bonfire & bbq hotspots and laidback riverside hotels for backpackers and solo travelers. Kashmir is huge.

But in AJK the main part that you’ll be interested in as a solo traveler is Neelum Valley which covers all the famous and attracted places of AJK.

Stay Here:

Wherever you go for traveling you need the best place to live in with the availability of good food. if you find a place near the river it’s the best option. so the following are some suggested places to live and to enjoy some good food.



Here are some suggestions: If you are staying at Muzaffarabad and also want good food and hospitality. I suggest to stay at Meer Continental Hotel it is one of the best hotels in Muzaffarabad. If you have limited time and you don’t want to stay at Muzaffarabad. you can have a short stay at Marco polo restaurant located at Patrika-Muzaffarabad. you can take breakfast cum lunch which is yummy and hygienic.


Rest point:

Sharda has a large number of hotels to stay near the river Neelum. but not every place is worth living except for the few ones. that I experience Neelum star river guest house is simple, wide and economical with its tasty bbq and other foods. They have well managed indoor and outdoor food court. where you can easily hear the roaring of the Neelum river.


Staying in Neelum valley within low budget stay at Kashmir Lodges Guest House. it has a great atmosphere and refreshing views of the Neelum River.  This hotel now has several branches around the Ajk. With a clean environment, they also provide the best food.

On another hand, you can also do camping to stay at your favorite destination. but camping in Kashmir must be a temporary basis. Because some areas of Kashmir are not secure for camping so be safe and have a blessed journey.