My epic skiing story

Sometimes your passion takes you 1000 miles away to fulfill your adventure. Following your passion is a very great experience. It not only makes you happy, but you also learn so many amazing things during your journey. Here is my Epic skiing story, It was not my first time that I was traveling alone to some other city in Pakistan. My previous traveling experience was so entertaining and joyful. I would say, every corner of northern areas is so charming and delightful which take you to another wonderland.

Safe and comfortable Journey:

Traveling in Pakistan now is safer and more comfortable than it was in past years and secondly, the heavenly places encouraged me to travel solo again. 9 to 5 working is such a rat race, which never let you do what makes you feel thankful and the same was happening with me. I was feeling like I locked myself up in a cell for so many days, which motivated me to travel to bring some charm in my boring days.

Refresh yourself by doing what you love:

Out of your busy routine, you must do something that makes you feel refreshed and happy. I was very stressed. It was my need, to get some fresh air from the north side to decrease my stress, so traveling & adventuring was the only dose I needed to refresh myself. There are so many stunning destinations to visit in swat, but this time I went to swat only for joining the skiing/snowboarding festival which held at Malam Jabba every year in winters. There are also other adventure activities you can enjoy at Malam Jabba like wall climbing, archery, snow tubing, snow biking, chair lift, and Zipline, etc. The reason I love skiing is that it makes you feel like you own the snowy area on which you are seeking. Similarly, it also teaches you how to stand when you fall or slip and how to stay firm in fluctuations.

Getting Ready to Go For Skiing:

I had been told by my friend that for skiing,  you need to buy that type of cloth which is comfortable, light and durable. So that if the temperature is cold there it must not affect you during ski. One more thing is that Everyone must buy sunblock cream to apply to the skin before ski. Finally After purchasing warm clothes, trekking shoes, and other necessities before leaving for swat. I packed up all the stuff and start traveling at night.

Things that Happened During My way:

As soon as I traveled few miles away from my house I heard the news about the earthquake. To confirm whether the news is authentic or not I verify it with my friends and they confirm it. My mind was blown up with scary shit. And during travel, I kept checking through my window if there anything wrong outside. Because I was sitting in the vehicle which was on the road moving towards my destination, so I did not feel it that much. Although I kept praying to GOD to save me and let me enjoy my traveling. Thank GOD, after some time everything becomes normal and I slept for some time to relax. I woke up just before Fajr prayer my driver stopped at the nearby mosque where we offered prayer and felt so much relax and peaceful. After few minutes, sunrise behind the mighty mountains. The view of the sunrise was so mesmerizing, which nourishes your soul and makes you feel refreshed. I was so indulged in the scenes that I reached my final destination in few moments. The distance from Mingora to Malam Jabba had covered in 1 hour, which usually takes 2 hours that is also because of low traffic.

As I reached Malam Jabba for skiing, I was greeted by lush green mountains covered with ice on the top. Professional skiers from all over Pakistan start entering the ski resort. But the bad news for all of us was a little amount of snow in the ski area. We could not imagine our going to ski on such a surface that is hard, tough, and slippery.

Registration  for Skiing:

A huge number of participants were there for skiing. Many people were not registered because they had not submitted the registration form to join the event. Eventually, they got rejected after shortlisting. Luckily I had done my registration when they announce the skiing event. And I got a chance to ski with the champions. After confirming our registration, we start our practice.

The tragedy during Skiing:

Due to the hard and slippery surfaces, I witnessed many professional skiers falling down. Unfortunately, during skiing, I fell down and got some wound and could not join further so I spent my time to see the competition. I hike for about half an hour to reach the main point of the competition. As I mentioned earlier snow was too low to ski, but it was in the practice area. The main competition area was arranged with proper snow for the skiers. All the skiers managed and skied so efficiently that they were enjoying even in a little snow. One after another, everyone was showing their skiing skills. After some rounds the competition ends, now it was time to wait for the results.

Thanks to the Event Organizers:

The whole event was organized by Redbull and they arranged an award ceremony for the winners at Pearl continental Malam Jabba. Here comes the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize handed over by the chief guest to deserving candidates for the category of best skier, snowboarder, and best costume. In the end, they call the surprise singer to celebrate the finishing of such an amazing event.

Returning time:

It was very hard to say goodbye to that place, to those people in the event, but everything has an end and we have to finish our event. Now the time came to go back home. While on the way there was an opportunity to dazzle the marvelous sunset at the peak of Malam Jabba. So we had not missed the opportunity and took a photo of such a heavenly scene. Then our caravan of 5 people includes the driver left Malam Jabba and moved towards Islamabad where I planned to stay. It was a journey of about 6 hours from Malam Jabba. On the curvy and zigzag roads, we kept moving, leaving behind beautiful valleys. In a blink of an eye, the beautiful valley of swat disappeared from my sight and stamped unforgettable moments in my mind. The overnight stay in Islamabad helps me a lot to relax. It was much needed as it removed my pain and tiredness. It was a very adventurous tour because I traveled the whole night just to ski and to get a wound on my body. But all is good now; I’m passionate to join the ski competition next year with extra energy and positive hope.


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