My three adventurous days in swat.

Swat valley have so many attractive lakes, eye opener waterfalls, wonderful green meadows. majestic mountains, peaceful forest with beautiful wild life and several heart throbbing natural scenes. It is located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. Every year thousands of people visit this amazing valley.

There are more than 50 travelling destinations in swat . so it might take a month to cover all these heavenly amazing places. but this time fell for few destinations which i covered in my three days stay in swat. so there are many phases of travelling which every traveler face before and after travelling.

Why i decided to travel Swat for three days:

I had a plan to visit swat for more days but i did not get more than 3 holidays. that’s why i choose to visit selected places of swat this time. and how i make my 3 holidays so funful.

Here is my story

Before planning my travel i research a lot about different tour packages and different places, suitable for me. according to my budget. while searching i came to know about. skiing, ice tubing, snow trekking, zipline, chairlift activities happening in swat. so i decide to experience these adventurous things this winter. now the second phase come. i asked many persons including my friends, family members and colleagues. everyone said i don’t have time for travelling (because they don’t know about the beauty of travelling experience) . Finally i convinced one of my friend and we move ahead. During day and night travelling i witnessed wonderful roadside scenes. which increases our expectations about swat. With two short stay we do non stop traveling. we both were thinking about hotel where we gonna stay according to availability. because we didn’t booked room in advance.( because we prefer to check the hotel first then choose to stay). Deciding where to stay in swat can make or break your trip. So picking the right area and hotel to call ‘home’ for a few days or more is essential part of your tour.

First Day:

Early in the morning we succeeded to get. a very comfortable accommodation with peaceful environment. after taking some rest we start visiting our first place

Darya-e-swat mingora food-street : Good for seafood (trout fish) and street food.

If you really wanna taste the local food of swat. you must visit food street near darya-e-swat mingora. From dumba karahi to trout fish and the special kehwa everything is fantastic. you can also do shopping here dry fruits. swati shawl, cap and traditional dress of swat is famous in mingora. then we move towards fizaghat

Fizaghat – Good for family picnic and children park:

This place is located near river swat. good for spending nice time with children’s and friends for picnic. This place has park, play ground, toy area it is also an amusement park. where children’s can have funful time. we spent good time here and we moved to next place which is white palace.

White palace – historical place of swat:

According to wikipedia, the “White Palace” of Marghazar. it was built in 1940 by the first king of Swat, Miangul Abdul Wadud. in the small town of Marghazar. which is situated at about 13 kilometers away from Saidu Sharif. The name was given to the palace as it was built of white marble.

The palace now serves as a hotel. you can book this hotel on different sites available on the internet. White palace has huge garden with mesmerizing and charming greenery. that nobody can left this palace without spending some time here.

after this we felt little tired and at evening we reached in our hotel in malamjabba.

Malamjabba ski resort – Good for Adventure, Thrill and amazing view of sunrise and sunset:

As we reached at malam jabba hotel. we were excited to get stay at this hotel. because this hotel was brilliantly architecture and was situated at the top of the mountain. Here we can easily enjoy the first ray of sunshine. the beautiful sunrise and can also experience the sunset. Our tiring mood make us fell in love with bed. we slept so tight and wake up with fresh but cold smile ( temprature here was too low to bear )

Second Day:

so the second day starts here after finishing our breakfast. we start trekking. Snow trekking was so dangerous (which technically is dangerous) for me before this. i also learned how to do snow trekking carefully. then we reached at malam jabba ski resort. i had already heard about this place so many times. now at second day we had few moments left. we had to experience all the adventures. we start with skiing, we fell, we stand, we slip. then we start learning balancing. it was million dollar moments for me when i start skiing without falling down yes i did it first time.

then we quickly move towards chairlift which take us to the top of malam jabba. where we start eagle eyeing Himalayan range of mountains. green meadows and giant trees covered with ice. suddenly i noticed some people were eating ice candies so i did not leave this chance to enjoy ice candy it was yummy you must try that. whenever you go to any snowy areas.

Here comes our next adventure zipline the point of zipline starts from the downward mid of the malamjabba mountain. for which everyone uses stairs but in winters its covered with ice. and we decided to reach there by sliding, i can’t explain how amusing was that moments.

we reached at zipline starting point, fill an agreement. here we go we were screaming all the way out to the other point of the zipline. it was mind blowing adventure i experience.  then we move towards kalam.

Third Day:

we reached at kalam hotel at night. do some bornfire in cold breeze with yummy food and go to bed. the third day starts with the loveliest morning. because our room was near to the river kalam with wide terrace. Most people will head here for a few hours in the day. but in this beautiful location i think i can spend years. listening to the sound of the river and birds sound outside the window.

(Kalam, ushu forest, mighty 22 water fall, mahodand lake) – Good for nature, forest, waterfall & lakes:

then we move towards ushu forest. well known forest of kalam with majestic scenes of trees. all the trees collectively makes eye catching view. that no one can pass without capturing it. we take some photos and record some videos of this beautiful place. then we move towards mahodand lake.

after short stay our driver suggest it is the best time to move ahead for mahodand lake. but nobody knows about the circumstances. even if you have planned everything sometimes unplanned thing happens. when we reached near matiltan waterfall which known as mighty 22 water fall. while everyone here was busy in taking selfies, i was busy in discovering nature’s beauty river on one side and waterfall on the other side although snowfall makes the area so slippery that it was so difficult to hike and reach near waterfall. somehow i tried and reached near waterfall. i can’t explain that feelings i got near waterfall. it was like dream. soon i heard a voice of my friend calling me for going back. i was shocked because we had to cover our last destination of the tour mahodand lake. as i come down our driver said mahodand lake has been blocked due to heavy snow fall so we cant move ahead. and we move back with the hope to come and visit the remaining places in our next tour. then we move towards mingora do some shoping and move back to home.


After visiting Swat valley i dafinately can say that its “”like a part of heaven”” we should maintain this title of swat by taking care of our surroundings as we do with our home.

After spending 3 days here with maximum fun and adventure. I hope my suggestions will help you to plan your perfect trip to the ‘majestic mountains of swat’ which truly offers something great for everyone. It is also known as a part of paradise on earth.

While there is no denying both the good and bad of swat, I truly love this beautiful city. This city has so much more to offer than what you think of this city. You can stay in more than one place on your trip here, and I really recommend you do move around to a few different areas to really maximize your trip to swat.

I’ve spent countless days. and my savings putting together in order to prepare this article.  so you can be sure all the recommendations are from me and my personal experiences staying in swat valley.