Northern areas of Pakistan to travel in the winters


You must know about the best northern areas of Pakistan to travel in the winters. The biggest reason why you should travel to the northern areas of Pakistan is that this side of Pakistan is a whole wonderland. Because you will not stop praising wherever you go on the north side of Pakistan. Every part of the north side presents a unique place. However, in winters it shows some out of the planet views. Winter in Northside varies from place to place. In some places, the temperature becomes low to -20 to -25 degrees so it is very necessary to be careful.

It is said that surviving the cold weather is more like survival of the fittest. It looks like surviving in cold temperatures is quite a difficult and tough thing but it’s not impossible. In order to survive in the coldest places in the world, we have to follow the precautions of winter.

Winter in Northern Areas of Pakistan:

The peak season to visit northern areas is winter. Most of the northern areas are compounded with the darkness of the long polar nights and temperatures drop down sometimes below freezing and continue to stay for months.

The temperature and climate mostly depend on where and when you go because the weather in northern areas of Pakistan varies region by region. Now a day, you will see large amounts of snow on the ground in most of the northern areas. On the other hand, if you’re lucky then you can also enjoy snowfall in some northern areas.

Winter in Northern areas like Northern Punjab Murree, (Kotli station, soon valley) areas of KPK region, Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan attracts millions of local tourists and international tourists every year, especially in winters.

The holidays in December make this one of the most popular times of the year for families to travel to the northern areas. If you really want to enjoy your vacations in December then visit the northern areas of Pakistan. These areas will give you the most timeless experience for your family vacations.

Adventure lovers will embrace the fact that the beauty of winter is to enjoy watching snowy areas, snow falls, playing with snow, and born-fire with star gazing at night.

The best northern areas of Pakistan to travel in the winters:

To know about the famous and best northern areas to visit in winters. First of all, you need to know what are the things you should carry with you.

Packing tips: 

Be sure to pack anti-snow and water-resistant gear if you want to be a part of winter activities. Secondly pack a variety of sweaters, thermal underwear, umbrella, and accessories like a warm cap, scarf, socks, pair of gloves, and anti-slip water-resistant shoes. Make sure you have packed extra things so that you can use them in case of an emergency.

Murree Hills Station:

It is simply the perfect destination to enjoy the live snowfall from December to January. Some of the popular visiting points of Murree include Mall road for traditional shopping and eateries, Kashmir point, national park, patriata for chairlift/cable car fun. Besides all these above funful things there is a problem that during the December vacation every hotel seems fully booked so it’s better to book your room in advance.

Mushkpuri top and Miranjani Top:

It is the best and the famous place in Nathia Gali, Ayubia national park. After Miranjani, this is the second-highest place located in Galyat region. During peak seasons like in December and January, all hotels are fully booked so it’s better to book your room in advance or be prepared to arrange your alternative place for living. That’s why most of the people plan for one day trip to mushkpuri and miranjani top.


After Mushkpuri and Miranjani Top, another must-visit place in galyat region is Thandiani which means the coolest place. It is located in easy driving distance from abbot bad. During winter it’s the best place to enjoy live snowfall. Although the roads lead to Thandiani is very tough, but you know well difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations.

Kotli Sattian:

Another beautiful place in the north is almost one hour’s drive away from the capital city of Pakistan. This place consists of waterfalls, lakes, the highest point where you can see the cloudy area sometimes snowfall. There is also mesmerizing forests which look like Ushu forests (in Kalam)


The perfect getaway for winter-sports enthusiasts. Besides so many attracting places, the famous winter sports place of swat is malam jabba. Every year winter festival held at Malam Jabba. Bring your family to the outdoor ice skating, skiing, snowboarding activities. Although it’s outside, the family can stay warm by the outdoor born-fire and you can stay warm inside your room via heaters as well.


Kalam also consists of so many popular places, including forests, meadows, and lakes. it is the part of Swat which comes after Bahrain. The main attraction of the winter in kalam is Ushu forest covered with giant trees with some the wooden huts you will love it if you visit for the first time and Mahudand Lake you can do ice skating at this frozen lake in winters which is one of the loveliest activities for the skaters.

Naran & Kaghan:

Naran and kaghan are well-known places for tourists. Most of the people know Naran a place of lake saif ul malook after that Naran has lalazar valley, lulusar lake pyala lake then babusar top. On the other hand, kaghan is famous for sharan forest, shogran, siri, paye, makra top, musa ka masalla a mountain. All these places look like a part of paradise which shows the blessings of nature. But the views in winter are so mesmerizing and eye-opener to the visitors. People who love snowy areas and want to enjoy live snowfalls then they must visit Naran and kaghan.

Gilgit baltistan:

After kpk and Kashmir, this place is known as paradise on earth. It’s quite lovely in the winter months. The geography is what brings families here year-round dramatic features such as colossal cliffs, deep canyons, high plateaus, and the mind-blowing River, which are only more gorgeous when covered in snow. Nanga Parbat, fairy meadows, K2 base camp is some of the adventurous places to visit  almost every season. Naltar valley has the biggest attraction in winter because of the ski festival. The illuminated ice-skating rinks and cultural shopping at the department stores make this place more attractive. Every year national and international ski professionals participate in this ski festival.

Kashmir (AJK):

Neelum Valley in the winters has a special charm to it, especially if you visit in December when this majestic place is covered with snow. From the wonderful Neelum river of ice-covered mountains and trees, there’s an extra special ambiance to the city between December and January. You can’t deny the Kashmiri cuisines especially Kashmiri tea.

Soon valley:

If you don’t like snowy areas and unable to bear cold breeze in the winter soon valley is best for you. It is located in the Khushab region. This place also has so many attracting places you can visit during the winter with your friends and family.