Solo travelling is one of the most exciting, entertaining and eye opening experiences, one can have in life besides age, gender, class etc. It offers exciting chance for boosting self confidence and unlimited freedom.

It was so difficult for me to decide for travelling alone. Like everyone do i also ask my friends, colleagues and mates to travel with me. But everyone was busy in doing work, house chores and completing targets imposed by their employer. At that moment two thoughts comes in my mind whether to travel alone or to skip my travelling plan. Then i learned the biggest philosophy of life. that “if you want to do what you like don’t wait for others” .

This thought brings massive change in myself which ends up in taking decision for travelling alone. My experience of solo travelling was awesome and i tried to share it with you.

Solo travelling can be adventurous for you especially if you have never traveled alone in past. Travelling alone is the best way to dive into new horizon of life. there are plenty of benefits hidden in solo travelling.


Solo Travel Tips to Follow before Travelling:

First you need to know some tips for solo travelling which are following:

-If you don’t know much about the place where you are travelling to you must hire a travelling guide to make it easy to explore your favorite places.

-Wherever you go if you give respect you will get the same respect.

-Check weather conditions (of your travelling place), about the food you like and suits you and the availability.

-Recheck you accessories (Navigator/map, swissknif, torch, Power bank, lighter). clothes (according to weather like (summer/winter/autumn/spring and raincoat) and documents(id card/passport/travelling permit/driving license/cash or cards etc. before travelling.

-Try to carry most important things (must not be too heavy to carry) so that you can feel easy to walk or hike.

-Take care of yourself. your safety must be your first priority. Don’t overeat, don’t take drugs without doctor advice while travelling.

-Try to note down and follow rules and regulation of your travelling place. Because if you break laws it will create problems and waste your time of travel.

-Keep informing about your location and situation to your love one’s. so that in case you need help you will be helped by them.

Benefits of Solo Travelling

Some of the best things about solo travelling are following:

Courage and Bravery:

It can takes many days to think about travelling alone. On the time of planning for solo travelling lots of scary things comes in mind. which stops you from travelling alone. Your passion for travelling make you think even for travelling alone. Once you decided to travel alone it will increase your courage and bravery. As you start travelling you start learning how to cope with fear. Your passion can take you wherever you want to go.

Knowing yourself more deeply:

Nobody have enough time these days to spend for their-selves and to do what should be done for refreshment. Solo travel is one of the best opportunity to know yourself deeply. it let’s you know your weak-points as well as what your mind body and soul needs for refreshment. Solo travel helps you understand who you are and how you manage different situations.

Focus on your plan:

when you are with group of people you may have different opinion about the places you plan for visiting. On the other hand when you travel alone your focus is on what you plan for. Nobody can distract your plan. you can visit your destinations with more focus and concentration. In this way you can save your time and can visit more places in short period of time.

Think out of the box:

Taking a trip on your own means you have to think out of the box. Solo travel helps you manage tricky situation and helps you deal with unfavorable time. Travelling alone broaden your thinking horizon which makes you think differently from other people.

Meeting new people:

Travelling with your friends or colleagues keeps you stick with your friends. which does not allow you to meet new people. when we do solo travelling we have more chances to meet local people as well as other travelers. Hence this is the best way to meet new peoples of different locations.

Making new friends:

Solo travelling gives you opportunity to make new friends of same interest and of other interest group. like there are many travelers who travels the same places. They do hiking together and become friends.

Acknowledge variety of Cultures:

By traveling on our own we get to interact with the new people and their culture. Different places have different cultures. so travelling alone gives you enough time to know about variety of cultures wherever you travel. for example Pakistan have different kind of cultures based upon the provinces and cities. From Sindh, Balochistan, Punjab to Kashmir, khyber pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit baltistan. Pakistan is filled with wide range of culture. which attracts millions of people around the world every year.

Confidence booster:

Once you decided to travel own your own your confidence will be sky rocketing. Because nobody will interrupt you throughout your journey after you learn how to travel alone. Solo travel teaches you many ways to face hard times and how to dealt with it confidently.

Travel without pressure:

Travelling with your friends or mates can put pressure on you. for example if it takes two hours of hiking to reach at some mountain peak point. your friends may say we should leave this kind of hiking due to tiredness. or your friend can also say to keep going without taking break during hiking in short period of time. In this way they put pressure on you to change the plan. But when you are alone and passionate as well no one can stop you from reaching at your favorite destination. You can stay and relax as long as you want without any pressure. You can feel natural beauty alone with more concentration.

Special space and environment:

Travelling provides you a lots of golden opportunities especially when you do solo travelling. Solo travelling provides you special space and environment to work on different projects. The calm, peaceful and with mesmerizing natural sound helps you to work with more focus. Travelling alone provides the facility to think creatively without any interruption and this will bring massive change in your working style.

Problem solving and decision making ideas:

Your strategy of planning improves in efficient way. No doubt travelling alone may lead to many problems. Similarly it also helps you learning different ways to solve your problems own your own. Solo travel teaches you innovative ways of decision making. It enhances self growth, self determination which clears your mind. In other words solo travel aid in solving problems making big decisions in short period of time.

Best way to learn different languages:

Solo travelling is the best way to learn different languages. when you travel from one place to another you come to know many languages of different nations. From booking your hotel to ordering food and from booking tour guide to purchasing different items. you will learn specific languages and signs depending on the location you visit. Learning new languages will be the perfect addition in your skills.

Where to go for solo travelling:

If you’re still thinking about where to travel solo with low budget you must travel to Pakistan.

Believe me the people in Pakistan are some of the friendliest and the history and sights here are outstanding.

“”Accept my proposal you will thank me later””