Spend 72 Hours in cholistan like this

If you want to spend 72 hours in the cholistan. The best time to visit cholistan is when cholistan jeep relly event happens. This event happens every year organized by TDCP. Every time i heard about Desert it sound like this far away place with sand all around. I just never thought I’d actually see it. After long time I decided to add this to my upcoming travel list.

What cholistan jeep relly offers:

Before moving ahead i had no idea what i am gonna do there in cholistan except looking for jeep relly. An Adventure like Riding camels, jeep relly, camping on the desert, folk singers, folk dance, fireworks at night, visiting historical places and their culture these were the things I was attracted to visit cholistan.

My cholistan trip was certainly an exploration kind of trip. The people of cholistan were extremely friendly. In addition, I never felt unsafe. My experience was something I’ll never forget.

Before traveling, I didn’t think I am gonna enjoy that much on my tour but after spending 72 hours in cholistan was so adventurous for me. Time passes so quickly, especially in cholistan jeep relly event. That you can’t imagine how fast the event time finishes.

Day 1:

It was around 12’o’clock at night, I with group of travelers start entering the bus after taking some snacks our journey starts from Lahore. We started with the name of the Creator and in a few moments, everyone starts introducing themselves. Each traveler belongs to different profession. All the people have the same purpose of having thrilling fun at cholistan jeep relly event. Our driver was driving so professionally and carefully that after few hours we reached Multan and stay for a while have some snacks again then move ahead. Some guys were busy playing their favorite song, some were busy reading novels, some guys were busy talking with each other and other guys were sleeping.

Breakfast relax us:

We saw fisrt ray of sun at Ahmad Pur Sharqia the area near Bhawalpur. Where we have some breakfast the “tea was fantastic” and make us charged for more travel. We prepared ourselves for a lot time sitting in the backseat driving through the dunes, but the sights we saw along the way made us totally forget about time.

Our driver and tour guide was so nice. These guys made the experience wonderful and always made sure we were taken care of. Both of these guys were knowledgeable and funful people to be around for 3 days. I recommend you guys besides your travelling company, do check your driver and tour guide first before travelling. Because these guys make your travel incredible as well as awful and unpleasant depending on themselves. To verify this, you can check company reviews.

So finally we enter into cholistan. We were welcomed with the traditional music of cholistan. What we all see is the massive arrangements by the government. They arrange lots of adventurous, cultural and fun-loving activities to make this event so amazing.

Day 2:

TDCP has arranged some camping areas where everyone can camp if they have camping accessories you can bring food and other edibles as well. So we set up our camp on the desert I did it the first time that’s why I feel so adventure there. We drove for 2 hours each day and stays there for long time, which made the return trip a long day of driving. However, it was totally worth it and I’d recommend this trip to anyone on this earth. Right after taking some rest, we all could not wait to see what’s outside.

The richness of tradition, culture, and historical places:

First, I with my friend go to visit famous derawar fort. Where we enjoyed watching the whole fort by taking round of it. Camel riding was a big fun there you must try camel ride on desert. We also visited abbasia masjid, atmosphere there was so peaceful. We crossed so many windy roads filled with sand so you need to take a face mask, sun block, a cap and sunglasses with you.  After seeing a few sand dunes we witnessed It’s a group of clay homes where families still live today with pet-like hens, goats and cows to maintain their livelihood. We had a fun blast seeing the locals interact. We visit local produce like their cultural dresses, paintings, artifacts, books, and traditional food vendors.

While moving back to the camping side, we observed beautiful sunset. Again, we take some rest had some lunch at camping area and we were ready to watch the folk dance with folk singers. It was so different and their sound, their tune, their dressing were so adorable which represents their unique culture.

Dinner time:

when night reached to its peak time we had some BBQ sitting around the bonfire. The other side shows us heart-throbbing moonlight on the desert. Which make me wake up for extra hours. Then we slept for the next day’s adventure.

Day 3:

The third day starts with so much excitement because today was the last day of cholistan jeep relly. As I wake up I find everyone sleeping, nobody was ready to go to watch the jeep really finals. I don’t know what happened to me, I decided to go alone to watch the finals. On the way out I had two options to come back or to go by taking lift so I took the lift, with the help of hitchhiking and by crossing so many sand dunes I reached the starting track of jeep relly. It was so wild seeing these massive dunes rising from the ground on our way into the desert. I witnessed the starting of race the sound of all jeeps were like lion roaring in the jungle. It was so a venturous and daring experience. While all the jeeps were moving towards the winning point. After so much time the participants come back to the place of trophy distribution. The organizers announce the winner. Nadir Magsi won again, this time, it was huge round of applause by audience. That night was celebrated with fireworks folks singing and folk dance. I enjoyed all the time I spent in cholistan alot. It was huge success for me to be a part of this adventurous trip.

It was a Thrill pack journey:

Our time in the desert finally ended after a 12 hour drive back through the windy and sandy roads. We arrived back at Lahore around 11 PM. It was time well spent in the desert. I captured some memories in form of snaps it was so many incredible pictures we all took in cholistan dessert. I’m feeling so lucky that i planned visit cholistan jeep relly. It was huge fun. In short words i can say that it was unforgettable experience.