the healthy ways for strong immune system

This article, the healthy ways for a strong immune system is a gift to all the readers. We all know millions of people got infected by bacterias and viruses every year. But now a day everyone is well aware of the deadly virus COVID-19. It has become infamous for affecting nearly every part of the body via fever, flu, shortness of breath, cough, headache, or body pain, sometimes shivering, fatigue, and loss of taste & smell. The good news is you can cope up with this virus with a strong immune system.

Boost your immune system to stay fit and healthy.

When our body gets a viral infection, it reacts against viruses which result in a fever as the immune system raises the body’s internal temperature in an attempt to kill the virus. Nobody can deny the fact that everyone is tired of following anti covid rules and regulations like facemask, sanitizer, social distancing, etc. which shows the only way to get rid of it, is to get covid 19 vaccines. But the vaccine is so much expensive and not available to many countries as it’s required to be refrigerated at -70 to -80 degrees. Till then we need to focus on the alternative ways to combat deadly viruses.

According to medical research, it is mandatory to keep boosting the immune system to prolong your fitness level. You need a stronger immune system because a weaker immune system leads you towards sickness. For example, when you get sick a germ/bacteria or virus take over your immune system. Now if your immune system is stronger it will fight again with harmful bacteria ’s/virus and will make you fit & fine again. Signs like you often get sick, get cold, your wound heals very slow than average time, and having stomach problems frequently shows you have a weak immune system. Medicine does play role in fighting against bacteria and viruses but it also has so many hidden side effects. What about improving your immune system in a natural way sounds good.

The following are some methods with which you can make your immune system healthier.

we can improve our immune system through adopting a healthy lifestyle, taking a nutritious diet (i.e. fruits, vegetables, meat, and dairy products) and doing adequate fitness activities and with proper relaxation (via anti-stress activities/yoga/meditation).

Adopt a Healthy lifestyle:

Quite bad habits:

If you want to adopt a healthy lifestyle you must quit bad habits for example smoking, drinking alcohol, not drinking enough water daily, eating too much junk food/ oily food, increasing your screen time (mobile/computer/TV usage), and not taking required rest.

Clean up:

Make sure wherever you live it must be a clean area because it plays a vital role in strengthening your immune system. whatever is associated with your body you should clean it up. Wash your hands before eating food. Properly wash your fruits and vegetable before eating. Wear comfortable and clean clothes.  Use facemask when going outside and use sanitizer frequently.

Diet you must take for a stronger immune system:

People who don’t take a nutritious diet are mostly malnourished and such people are more vulnerable to infectious diseases. To build up a healthy immune system body needs regular nourishment. Some trace elements which collectively make the immune system strong are zinc, selenium, iron, copper; folic acid, Vitamins A, B6, C, and vitamin E. so we should also take a diet that has these above nutrients. You can have all the healthy nutrients from fruits and vegetables besides vitamins/minerals and other antioxidants. The fiber in fruits and vegetables helps in feeding the beneficial bacteria’s in your gut which fight against harmful bacteria and make the immune system stronger. One more thing, make sure you washed and cook your food properly before eating it. Try to avoid sugar because of too much sugar damages the immune system.

On the other hand dry fruits also provide you fibers vitamins and fats, dairy products provide you calcium, vitamin D and meat (chicken, beef, mutton and fish) provides you protein and other essential nutrients for boosting your immune system.


Exercise strengthens your immune system to the level that you can fight off infection very easily. It is the fact that our body functions better when we use to do exercise on daily basis. Make sure you’re not exceeding your exercise limit. As I mentioned previously that too much exercise makes your immune system weak. A similarly adequate amount of exercise boosts your immune system.    

Doing exercise daily is the key to healthy living. Regular exercise not only improves your heart, blood pressure, balance your body weight but it also protects you from various diseases. Our immune system does not work properly when we ignore a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes even we get so much free time to do workout but we don’t because of some lame excuses. This makes us lazy and this ends up making our immune system weak.

Just focus on your fitness and don’t let the small excuses interrupt your healthy lifestyle. The more you healthy the more you will be able to fight against diseases.

How to relax in stress:

Stress and immunity:

Most of the time, it is difficult to define stress because different people face different situations which becomes the reason for their stress.

Note this: Negative thoughts have a very bad impact on your overall health according to the research. So it is very beneficial to stay positive to be strong. If someone is dealing with stress for a long time without consulting with experts for treatment then this can result in a weak immune system. Long-term stress can destroy the immune cell which affects the whole immune system leading to serious illness. So Proper relief from stress and anxiety is very necessary to improve and to maintain the immune system.

Muraqba, Yoga and Meditation:

A balanced diet and Mindfulness practices can help in relieving stress for example muraqba; yoga and meditation are those activities which help in decreasing stress. you can learn and practice these physical activities to decrease get rid of stress and depression. For the best results, take fruits and vegetables which are high in antioxidants. This will help in relieving stress and strengthening the immune system.

Some DIY effective methods to boost immunity:

Oil therapy:

Massage your head with lavender oil or use it in your bathtub with warm water because it has some soothing effects which help you making calm and relax.

Light therapy:

Spend some time under sunlight as it provides you the vitamin d and helps you improve your immune system.

Go Green:

Visit the area which is surrounded by greenery from all sides like green meadows, forest, garden, etc. and observe nature it will convert your stress into calmness.

Immune Boosting Drinks:

Some homemade drinks for boosting immunity:

You can prepare different types of drinks at home to improve immune system for better health. You just need is some immune booster contents for the preparation. For example you can have Vegetable soup, Chicken soup, Bone broth, (Lemon+ honey+ black seed drink), Garlic drink, Ginger drink, Green tea, Citrus juices

Besides the above drinks, the Following are few easy and quick homemade drinks recipes to boost your immune system.

Immunity booster lemonade drink:

In boiling water, add garlic, cinnamon, lemon juice, and mint leave now warm it till 20minutes and Drink it.

Spinach drink:

First Blend ingredients like spinach, cucumber, mint, salt and curd then add some lemon drops then blend it again. After doing this, pour the drink in a glass your smoothie is ready to drink.

Turmeric drink:

First, boil some water for 5 minutes now add the required quantity of turmeric and warm it for 10 minutes then add some honey and a few lemons drop to taste. You can drink it warm for the best results.


All these above-recommended drinks have contents, which are antimicrobial, antiviral, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory and decrease the risk of diseases by increasing the infection-fighting ability of our immune systems. If you keep drinking these according to your suitability then it will help you from further attack by harmful microorganisms and viruses. in this way you can stay fit and healthy.