welcome to livewithrms:

First of all welcome to livewithrms, before explaining about this site i would like to thank all of you.

Secondly i pray you all live happy and blessed life and share your happiness with others.

Why livewithrms:

In this era of competition, we all are prey of overload working which is giving rise to depression, tension and anxiety.

Working all time could help you raising your income but what to do with income if you got mentally and physically unstable.

Later on you will realize that you have wasted your life in working and earning money.

It is necessary to stop over working.

Live your life like balanced life.

working all the time

Everyone needs a break from busy life for some travelling & adventure and deserve a special time to spend for themselves as well as with their love ones. For this purpose First and Foremost, it is require to be physically fit whether by doing exercises or any other fitness activities like playing sports etc. and having good diet like vegetables, fruits, dairy products, meat & sea food.

On the other hand to refresh yourself you have to travel to other places. to bring out hidden travelling charm inside you by discovering natures beauty like travelling to see 7 wonders of the world. the last but not the least, most important thing is everyone loves adventurous activities like exploring historical places. exploring highest and deepest places on earth, exploring horror places. doing activities like paragliding, boarding, skating, jet ski, sky diving, hunting, scuba diving, cliff jumping etc. So here we go

What is livewithrms:

Live with RMS is the platform which is based for providing exciting posts including Travelling, Adventure and Fitness activities.

This platform is best for those who want to bring passion in their lives.

we will try our best to keep you guys motivated to travel best places, doing something adventurous.

It will bring excitement in your mood.

we will also share fitness related posts which will help you to be fit and fine.

we are also supporting clean and green environment to deal with climate change so that we can play vital role in keeping our travelling places flawless and charming.

travelling to island

Finally the most essential message for travelers is following:

during your travel you are supposed to throw your leftovers in dustbin. Most of the people throw their leftovers on the ground. These garbage are manipulating our environment and turning these beautiful destinations into worthless visiting places. This act not only making our environment terrible but its also giving rise to disastrous climate change.


Please follow these two requests:

  • Don’t litter.
  • throw the garbage in dustbin or other suitable place for garbage where dustbin is not available.
  • Keep your environment clean and green.
  • try to plant more trees where there is less quantity of trees to deal with climate change.