Times have changed a lot from the days when people use to do their task without any help of technology. but now people love to do easy task with the help of technology and with the condition of quick results. Fitness is of paramount importance in these days and age of high competitiveness, work related stresses and pressures.



It is obvious, secret to success is in fitness whatever you do in life fitness plays essential role. When it comes to fitness, most people are looking for quick results. you have heard about fitness boot camps. They promise to give the participants just that what they want but some get results faster and some later. A proper diet can elicit fine performances in your daily life activities. On other hand an unfit person is unable to enjoy balanced life.



Dieting in Fitness:

Fitness does not mean merely dieting or taking to the gym for a short period of time. but in fact it is to adopt a lifestyle which includes proper nutrition, physical exercise, and sufficient rest. It is achievable within a restricted time-frame through extensive hardcore exercise with a nutritious and balanced diet. fitness has now become a required taste. You cannot escape it even if you want to. But figuring out where to start is often a struggle.

Not everybody can go to the gym on a daily basis. Not being able to take out enough time especially in the evening after office. High charging personal trainers and an expensive gym membership, are some common excuses for not going to the gym. However, that should not be an excuse for not doing any exercise.

While going to the gym may sound fancy, most exercises can be done at home at least the basic ones. which keep you fit and fine. Training whether its self (learned) training or training from professional trainer. it helps in developing a fittest person from a zero to hero. Following a focused diet plan regularly is vital as well. For example skipping fatty foods and taking healthy meal to keep your body fit.

What you need to be in fitness:

To get fit all you need is motivation along with some knowledge of simple or basic exercises. your workout can be far more convenient, hassle-free and rewarding than any other claims out there for fitness. like fitness related startups promise to do.Unfortunately, [lack of] fitness is a major factor which is also one of the reasons of depressed life. One of them is that people don’t give importance to this aspect.

The secret behind a smart and healthy body while exercising at home is to maintain a constant high heart rate. The key is to keep moving your body, from one workout routine to another for at least 15-20 minutes. Exercise reduces extra fat in the body and helps develop lean muscles.

The more exercises you do in a loop, the better will be the results, since this burns calories a lot faster.  Always remember that along with the exercises that you do, your body also requires a healthy, nutritious diet. If you exercise but consume unhealthy food, you won’t be able to achieve desired results.


Role of metabolism in fitness:

Another factor which is important in fitness is your metabolism. According to some experts, your metabolism can decline about 25 per cent in your forties. The good news is you don’t have to go on crash diets or starve yourself to look good. Crash diets put your body into starvation mode and your metabolism actually slows down. This is why dieters often find themselves putting on more weight the minute they stop their diet.

What is RBM:

RBM Resting metabolic rate means how much calories you burn when you are at rest. it depends on your age, weight, body type and genetics. which changes throughout your lifetime. It’s very high in your teens as you go through puberty.Once you hit your forties, your resting metabolic rate declines more rapidly.

Well, your body constantly burns calories, even when you are doing nothing. While each pound of fat burns two calories a day to sustain itself, each pound of muscle burns six calories a day, even when you aren’t exercising. This is why adding muscle boosts your resting metabolic rate. Also a strength training session uses muscles all over your body, boosting the number of calories you burn that day.

Building muscle also supports weakening joints and adding Yoga or Pilates to your exercise will help with balance and flexibility. Both of which will help to decrease the effects of aging. Exercising also limit declines in bone mass, helping prevent osteoporosis as your age increases.

For boosting your metabolism you should do from light to heavy weight strength training, keep yourself hydrated, eat healthy but spicy food. drink green tea and eat small amount of (fat free, hygienic food) within every 3 hour to stay away yourself from starvation mode.

This is something purely up to the individuals themselves to maintain fitness. Without fitness activities it is virtually to expect someone to be fit. if you are unable to properly look after yourself then it is pointless for you to follow your dreams. because health is wealth and you cannot fulfill your dreams without it.


Follow these golden fitness tips:

  • Be conscious when and what you are eating.
  • Do 30 minutes of any exercise that can do easily.
  • Do not skip breakfast whether you are on diet or not.
  • Leave junk food.
  • Say yes to vegetables and fruits.
  • Daily drink at least 12 glasses of water.
  • Try to do dinner between 7-8 pm.

The bad thing now a days is culture of promoting unhealthy dietary habits. which includes having lots of junk foods, fried and fatty foods might have pushed us towards abhorring fitness activities. I am not a fitness expert or nutritionist. but i love fitness that’s why i search fitness related information blend it with my thoughts & ideas. and feel it necessary to share this with you. hope you liked it for more stuff do follow me on social media as well.